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Translational Psychiatry


Volume 6, May 2016

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Translational Psychiatry is an online-only, open access journal exploring the translational pathway between research in neuroscience and conceptually novel treatments. The journal has an Impact Factor of 5.62.

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Ibogaine and addiction in the animal model, a systematic review and meta-analysis

M Belgers, M Leenaars, J R Homberg, M Ritskes-Hoitinga, A F A Schellekens and C R Hooijmans

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e826; 10.1038/tp.2016.71

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Guidelines for Reporting Articles on Psychiatry and Heart rate variability (GRAPH): recommendations to advance research communication

D S Quintana, G A Alvares and J A J Heathers

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e803; 10.1038/tp.2016.73

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The potential role of nitrous oxide in the etiology of autism spectrum disorder

R E Frye and J Slattery

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e812; 10.1038/tp.2016.89

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Original Articles


Genetic deletion of fibroblast growth factor 14 recapitulates phenotypic alterations underlying cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia

T K Alshammari, M A Alshammari, M N Nenov, E Hoxha, M Cambiaghi, A Marcinno, T F James, P Singh, D Labate, J Li, H Y Meltzer, B Sacchetti, F Tempia and F Laezza

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e806; 10.1038/tp.2016.66

Abstract | Full Text

Atypical visual and somatosensory adaptation in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders

G N Andrade, J S Butler, G A Peters, S Molholm and J J Foxe

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e804; 10.1038/tp.2016.63

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TLR4 signaling in VTA dopaminergic neurons regulates impulsivity through tyrosine hydroxylase modulation

L Aurelian, K T Warnock, I Balan, A Puche and H June

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e815; 10.1038/tp.2016.72

Abstract | Full Text

Disentangling the initiation from the response in joint attention: an eye-tracking study in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders

L Billeci, A Narzisi, G Campatelli, G Crifaci, S Calderoni, A Gagliano, C Calzone, C Colombi, G Pioggia, F Muratori and ALERT group

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e808; 10.1038/tp.2016.75

Abstract | Full Text

Candidate gene networks and blood biomarkers of methamphetamine-associated psychosis: an integrative RNA-sequencing report

M S Breen, A Uhlmann, C M Nday, S J Glatt, M Mitt, A Metsalpu, D J Stein and N Illing

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e802; 10.1038/tp.2016.67

Abstract | Full Text

A pilot study on commonality and specificity of copy number variants in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

J Chen, V D Calhoun, N I Perrone-Bizzozero, G D Pearlson, J Sui, Y Du and J Liu

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e824; 10.1038/tp.2016.96

Abstract | Full Text

The effects of a probiotic formulation (Lactobacillus rhamnosus and L. helveticus) on developmental trajectories of emotional learning in stressed infant rats

C S M Cowan, B L Callaghan and R Richardson

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e823; 10.1038/tp.2016.94

Abstract | Full Text

Transcriptome analysis of cortical tissue reveals shared sets of downregulated genes in autism and schizophrenia

S E Ellis, R Panitch, A B West and D E Arking

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e817; 10.1038/tp.2016.87

Abstract | Full Text

Developmental suppression of schizophrenia-associated miR-137 alters sensorimotor function in zebrafish

J Giacomotto, A P Carroll, S Rinkwitz, B Mowry, M J Cairns and T S Becker

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e818; 10.1038/tp.2016.88

Abstract | Full Text

Prenatal immune programming of the sex-dependent risk for major depression

S E Gilman, S Cherkerzian, S L Buka, J Hahn, M Hornig and J M Goldstein

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e822; 10.1038/tp.2016.91

Abstract | Full Text

Financial difficulties but not other types of recent negative life events show strong interactions with 5-HTTLPR genotype in the development of depressive symptoms

X Gonda, N Eszlari, D Kovacs, I M Anderson, J F W Deakin, G Juhasz and G Bagdy

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e798; 10.1038/tp.2016.57

Abstract | Full Text

Physical activity delays hippocampal neurodegeneration and rescues memory deficits in an Alzheimer disease mouse model

M Hüttenrauch, A Brauß, A Kurdakova, H Borgers, F Klinker, D Liebetanz, G Salinas-Riester, J Wiltfang, H W Klafki and O Wirths

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e800; 10.1038/tp.2016.65

Abstract | Full Text

Adjunctive selective estrogen receptor modulator increases neural activity in the hippocampus and inferior frontal gyrus during emotional face recognition in schizophrenia

E Ji, C S Weickert, R Lenroot, J Kindler, A J Skilleter, A Vercammen, C White, R E Gur and T W Weickert

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e795; 10.1038/tp.2016.59

Abstract | Full Text

Genome-wide gene-based analysis suggests an association between Neuroligin 1 (NLGN1) and post-traumatic stress disorder

V Kilaru, S V Iyer, L M Almli, J S Stevens, A Lori, T Jovanovic, T D Ely, B Bradley, E B Binder, N Koen, D J Stein, K N Conneely, A P Wingo, A K Smith and K J Ressler

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e820; 10.1038/tp.2016.69

Abstract | Full Text

Cognitive and oculomotor performance in subjects with low and high schizotypy: implications for translational drug development studies

I Koychev, D Joyce, E Barkus, U Ettinger, A Schmechtig, C T Dourish, G R Dawson, K J Craig and J F W Deakin

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e811; 10.1038/tp.2016.64

Abstract | Full Text

Interaction and behaviour imaging: a novel method to measure mother–infant interaction using video 3D reconstruction

C Leclère, M Avril, S Viaux-Savelon, N Bodeau, C Achard, S Missonnier, M Keren, R Feldman, M Chetouani and D Cohen

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e816; 10.1038/tp.2016.82

Abstract | Full Text

Intensified vmPFC surveillance over PTSS under perturbed microRNA-608/AChE interaction

T Lin, A Simchovitz, S Shenhar-Tsarfaty, S Vaisvaser, R Admon, G Hanin, M Hanan, E Kliper, Y Bar-Haim, N Shomron, G Fernandez, G Lubin, E Fruchter, T Hendler and H Soreq

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e801; 10.1038/tp.2016.70

Abstract | Full Text

Alterations in leukocyte transcriptional control pathway activity associated with major depressive disorder and antidepressant treatment

S H Mellon, O M Wolkowitz, M D Schonemann, E S Epel, R Rosser, H B Burke, L Mahan, V I Reus, D Stamatiou, C -C Liew and S W Cole

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e821; 10.1038/tp.2016.79

Abstract | Full Text

Effects of acute aerobic exercise on neural correlates of attention and inhibition in adolescents with bipolar disorder

A W S Metcalfe, B J MacIntosh, A Scavone, X Ou, D Korczak and B I Goldstein

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e814; 10.1038/tp.2016.85

Abstract | Full Text

Differential expression of transcriptional regulatory units in the prefrontal cortex of patients with bipolar disorder: potential role of early growth response gene 3

B Pfaffenseller, P V da Silva Magalhães, M A De Bastiani, M A A Castro, A L Gallitano, F Kapczinski and F Klamt

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e805; 10.1038/tp.2016.78

Abstract | Full Text

Synaptic and cellular changes induced by the schizophrenia susceptibility gene G72 are rescued by N-acetylcysteine treatment

B Pósfai, C Cserép, P Hegedüs, E Szabadits, D M Otte, A Zimmer, M Watanabe, T F Freund and G Nyiri

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e807; 10.1038/tp.2016.74

Abstract | Full Text

Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor activation regulates cocaine actions and dopamine homeostasis in the lateral septum by decreasing arachidonic acid levels

I A Reddy, J A Pino, P Weikop, N Osses, G Sørensen, T Bering, C Valle, R J Bluett, K Erreger, G Wortwein, J G Reyes, D Graham, G D Stanwood, T A Hackett, S Patel, A Fink-Jensen, G E Torres and A Galli

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e809; 10.1038/tp.2016.86

Abstract | Full Text

Decreased sensitivity to paroxetine-induced inhibition of peripheral blood mononuclear cell growth in depressed and antidepressant treatment-resistant patients

S Rzezniczek, M Obuchowicz, W Datka, M Siwek, D Dudek, K Kmiotek, K Oved, N Shomron, D Gurwitz and A Pilc

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e827; 10.1038/tp.2016.90

Abstract | Full Text

Schizophrenia and subsequent neighborhood deprivation: revisiting the social drift hypothesis using population, twin and molecular genetic data

A Sariaslan, S Fazel, B M D'Onofrio, N Långström, H Larsson, S E Bergen, R Kuja-Halkola and P Lichtenstein

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e796; 10.1038/tp.2016.62

Abstract | Full Text

The NADPH oxidase NOX2 as a novel biomarker for suicidality: evidence from human post mortem brain samples

S Schiavone, M Neri, E Mhillaj, M G Morgese, S Cantatore, M Bove, I Riezzo, P Tucci, C Pomara, E Turillazzi, V Cuomo and L Trabace

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e813; 10.1038/tp.2016.76

Abstract | Full Text

Aberrant emotion networks in early major depressive disorder patients: an eigenvector centrality mapping study

Z Song, M Zhang and P Huang

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e819; 10.1038/tp.2016.81

Abstract | Full Text

Association between striatal dopamine D2/D3 receptors and brain activation during visual attention: effects of sleep deprivation

D Tomasi, G-J Wang and N D Volkow

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e828; 10.1038/tp.2016.93

Abstract | Full Text

HPA-axis function and grey matter volume reductions: imaging the diathesis-stress model in individuals at ultra-high risk of psychosis

I Valli, N A Crossley, F Day, J Stone, S Tognin, V Mondelli, O Howes, L Valmaggia, C Pariante and P McGuire

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e797; 10.1038/tp.2016.68

Abstract | Full Text

Cytokine production capacity in depression and anxiety

N Vogelzangs, P de Jonge, J H Smit, S Bahn and B W Penninx

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e825; 10.1038/tp.2016.92

Abstract | Full Text

Childhood trauma predicts antidepressant response in adults with major depression: data from the randomized international study to predict optimized treatment for depression

L M Williams, C Debattista, A-M Duchemin, A F Schatzberg and C B Nemeroff

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e799; 10.1038/tp.2016.61

Abstract | Full Text

Anhedonia and general distress show dissociable ventromedial prefrontal cortex connectivity in major depressive disorder

C B Young, T Chen, R Nusslock, J Keller, A F Schatzberg and V Menon

Transl Psychiatry 2016 6: e810; 10.1038/tp.2016.80

Abstract | Full Text

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