360-degree views offer retailers greater social media potential

AOL unveils new ad units to counter ad blockers | Flurry of Alexa apps expected to be unveiled this week | 360-degree views offer retailers greater social media potential
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January 6, 2017
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The Big Story
AOL unveils new ad units to counter ad blockers
AOL has launched BrandBuilder to help advertisers circumvent ad blocking by creating native and custom ads that provide a better, more valuable experience to consumers. Player Up shows less intrusive spots before users watch a video, and DataPerks gives mobile users extra Verizon data in return for clicking on an ad and entering information such as an email address.
Adweek (1/5),  The Drum (Glasgow, Scotland) (1/5),  Marketing Land (1/5) 
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Connecting & Collaborating
Flurry of Alexa apps expected to be unveiled this week
"Voice is going to be the glue" for the next wave of computing, said CTA Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac, who notes that the number of Amazon Alexa apps introduced this week at CES could hit 700. Ford, Lenovo and DISH Network have each announced new devices this week that integrate Alexa.
Computerworld (1/5),  GeekWire (1/3) 
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360-degree views offer retailers greater social media potential
Twitter and Facebook now offer brands the ability to broadcast live videos with 360-degree views, giving fashion brands and other companies the ability to try out new social strategies and connect with and engage consumers. "Imagine if a fashion brand could send you a 360-degree video of a product or if a friend could send you one from the store," said Rachel Bogan, partner at Work & Co.
Glossy (1/5) 
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Marketer Moments
Twitter teams with PGA Tour for live golf streaming
Twitter has signed a deal with the PGA Tour to live-stream 70 hours of golf coverage from 31 tournaments for the rest of this season. Twitter users will have free footage of the initial holes in the PGA Tour Live Marquee Groups, plus access to interviews and game analysis.
VentureBeat (1/5),  Bloomberg (1/5) 
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Platform News
The societal impact of Facebook Live
(Jonathan Nackstrand/Getty Images)
Publishers such as The New York Times, The Guardian and BuzzFeed have signed deals with Facebook for live streaming, as Facebook Live is touted to consumers worldwide. Facebook Live has created viral hits such as a mom in a Chewbacca mask, and its ability to reach large audiences in real time has helped activists report miscarriages of justice, but it also has darker implications in the spread of videos that show crime underway.
The Guardian (London) (1/5) 
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Measurement Matters
Apple's App Store Search Ads result in 50% download rate
Apple has announced that half of the consumers who click on its App Store ads go on to download the apps in question, and the company says that Search Ads cost an average of $1 per install. Travel, entertainment and gaming brands have invested the most in the ads.
Adweek (1/5) 
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Social Shareable
Car dealer's ad outtakes become viral hit
How a car dealership's ad outtakes became a viral hit
Click to watch video (White Bear Mitsubishi/YouTube)
Outtakes from an ad for White Bear Mitsubishi have racked up more than 1.3 million views. The video shows the dealership's bear mascot falling repeatedly while shooting the spot on an ice rink.
MediaPost Communications (1/5) 
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Technical Operations Supervisor - Heavy Maintenance
Facebook's sheer scale ensures that when it sets its sights on an area, there's very little most competitors can do to keep it from rolling over them like a juggernaut.
Alex Hern, writing for The Guardian
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 Andy Sernovitz, Editor at Large
Andy Sernovitz builds organizations that help people help each other. His company, GasPedal, builds peer-to-peer communities for people leading meaningful change at the world’s biggest companies, including SocialMedia.org and SocialMedia.org Health. He wrote the best-selling book Word of Mouth Marketing that teaches you how to earn the respect and recommendation of your customers.
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