George W. Bush's Public Wrestle With a Poncho Inspired a Flood of Glorious Photoshopped Creativity and more...

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George W. Bush's Public Wrestle With a Poncho Inspired a Flood of Glorious Photoshopped Creativity and more...

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Living Destroyer of Worlds Pulls Off The Most Insane Jenga Move I've Ever Seen

win video man pulls off incredible jenga move

Jenga isn’t a game for the faint of heart. Unless you have the stamina, strength, and determination to succeed, you’ll be left dead in a pile of rubble. 

If you want to be a champion, you have to take risks.

Jonathan Lopez of San Bernardino, Ca knows this. When he isn’t, presumably, eating planets whole, he plays Jenga, and when he thought the game was over, he made the greatest comeback in Jenga history, pulling to bricks from the bottom of the tower. At. The. Same. Time. Check this out:


via Caters Clips
“I thought the game was basically over so decided to do something stupid but funny,” he said.

“Not too bad for a guy who has only played Jenga about 10 times in his entire life.”

We salute you, dude.

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Yeah, This Lamborghini Has 20 Rubber Chickens Shoved in the Exhausts. What Of It?


Sometimes when you have a car that’s worth more than $150,000, you have to show the world that you don’t give an F about S. 

This is even better than one of those screamer mufflers becasue it turns out 20 rubber chickens shoved in a tailpipe sounds like a thousand cats crying for food. 

Icing on the cake? This license plate:

Seems like this would be a good time to post this clip from Beverly Hills Cop. Hey, it involves tailpipes.


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Kill 49 Minutes By Watching This Dude Give His Cat 11,453 Stern Looks


This pales in comparison to how many stern looks every cat gives their owner, but still, it's something.

A few days ago Gus Johnson, crazy person, uploaded this picture of himself to the me irl subreddit:

via Reddit

People called him crazy — including me, earlier. People called him "a bamboozler." Gus was going to prove the latter wrong. 

via Brett Eldredge

Gus ended up getting 11,453 up votes and must give his cat, Wendy, 11,453 stern looks, and all that before he gets his wisdom teeth taken out later that day. Sounds like a solid 24 hours.

Feel free to jump around a bit, especially when he loses the cat around 10,850. Considering how red his face gets, it looks like Gus should’ve stretched before starting this thing.

“Stay unbamboozled.”

Submitted by: (via Gus Johnson)

Tagged: youtube , angry , why , Cats

Man Doesn't Know How to Use Ladder — Need I Say More?


I don’t know what you really want from me, typing out this article about a man who has clearly never used a ladder before. But also, I’m not entirely sure what he’s even doing.

Does he think that the ladder clips on to the ceiling or something? I’m more fascinated than anything.

I also have no idea why the person who uploaded this video gave it such a racist title. That’s probably the stupidest thing on display, the title. But the video of a man not knowing how to use this ladder defies race and sex. All are free to not know how to use a ladder and enjoy people not using said ladder.

Please stop giving your funny videos racist titles. I guess that's what this article is about. Stop being racist. 

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Watch This Ungrateful Son Who Just Loves Visual Puns Prank His Unsuspecting Mother

son pranks mom with leek in the sink


His credibility with his mother just went down the drain.

After all your mother’s done for you, this is how you repay her? The woman who cooks for you, cleans for you, puts a roof over your shoulder, makes sure you don’t end up dead in a ditch somewhere, this is how you repay her? By sticking a leek in her sink and screaming “there’s a leak in the sink,” so she frantically searches for water escaping her pipes. The ol' leek in the sink routing? You know how expensive water damage can be. It's not funny. For shame.

Good for this woman for standing up for herself and beating her son with a root vegetable. Ingrate.

Submitted by: (via Viral Videos)

Tagged: vegetables , mother , prank

Watch CBS Fail to Censor the Rock's People's Finger

cbs fails to censor the rocks middle finger

Can you smell what he’s cooking?

Last night at The People’s Choice Awards, Kevin Hart won Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, and during his acceptance speech, he gave his screen partner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a low blow.

"Except The Rock, because he hasn’t helped me," said Kevin Hart. "He hasn’t helped me at all. You’ve actually lessened my talent. It went down since you’ve been in my life.”

The Rock was having it, so he showed Hart and the viewers at home the People’s Finger.

via Mashable

He’s great.


Submitted by: (via Mashable)


Little Rascals Recut as Fast and Furious 7 Makes Two Great Movies One Great Movie


The He-Man Woman Haters’ Club is about one thing: Family.

This recut of The Little Rascals movie, using audio from Furious 7 is probably the best thing you'll see today.

You’d never know it, but hearing Vin Diesel,  Tyrese, and Jason Statham’s voice come out of Alfafa, Spanky, and Buckwheat is incredible. Not to mention the perfect matching of the soapbox derby with the dubstep of Furious 7

Ugh. This is perfect. And thank you for not putting Donald Trump (that billionaire, reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency last yera) in this trailer because he’s 100% in The Little Rascals movie as, get this, the loser rich kid’s father.

Submitted by: (via CineFix)


Forget Dessert These Two Shirtless Titans of Industry Prefer an After-Dinner Tasing


Please, tase me, bro?

Here's an insane video of two bald men playing with a taser. It seems they have finished eating dinner and decided that 10,000 volts of electricity pairs well with chicken, fish, or beef. 

Most would settle for a fine after-dinner cocktail or a nice port. These bald men like the smooth body of flavor that comes from the electric shock of a taser. Frankly, I wish I loved anything as much as these two shirtless men love tasing each other. 

via Bo Burnham

Submitted by: (via Иван Михайлович)

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Watch This Dude Go From Wheelie to Whoopsie in Five Seconds


Wheelies are cool. Full stop.

If you can ride a two wheeler on one wheel for a couple seconds, face it, you’re the bee’s knees. Nothing cooler than you. Slap on them shades and say, “Deal with it.”

via Imgur

But wheelies are hard. Sure, anyone could pop the front wheel of their Mongoose for a second, but it takes a whole other class of person to keep that shit going for a little while.

Check out this dude, who decided to pop a wheelie and ended up with a butt ton of road rash. You gotta start somewhere.

Submitted by: (via ViralHog)

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