Turning Abandoned Carts into Sales: Getting Started with Email Remarketing

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Turning Abandoned Carts into Sales: Getting Started with Email Remarketing

If you've shopped at an online retailer recently and added an item to your shopping cart but then not completed your purchase, you're likely to have started seeing ads for that retailer all over the web for the next few days. The reason is a marketing technique called remarketing.

How Quick Guides Increase Your Site's Presence

Quick guides are a great form of content to increase your site's presence, providing visitors with helpful and relevant information they can easily sift through. Whether you want to learn more about a specific step or the entire process of an endeavor altogether, quick guides serve the purpose.

In addition to their ideal use, quick guides have ample potential in regard to enhancing a site's presence, both through viral-friendly appeal and search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. There's a guide that can be relevant for any niche, whether it's how to do an oil change or how to create a home garden. Regardless of your site's topic, implementing quick guides is always worth considering.

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Many people are foregoing typing when it comes to performing Internet searches. Instead of typing out what they're looking for, for example, "Calgary Mexico flights", people instead are using the hands-free voice command system in their phones to actually say what they're looking for. Voice search has become increasingly more popular over the last few years as smartphones are now equipped with voice command technology.

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