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Blog: Let's talk about #SciComm
4 January 2017
Science communication is a young field with many voices and few guidelines. Let's find a way to combine our voices in order to protect the integrity of research endeavors.
Column: By students, for students
4 January 2017
Events at which PhD students share experiences can pay dividends.
Career brief: Competition: Energy start-ups
4 January 2017
Cash prize opportunity available for energy entrepreneurs.
Career brief: Training: Careers in bioscience
4 January 2017
Collaborative studentships connect doctoral students with pharmaceutical partners.
Advertising feature: Inside View: King Abdullah International Medical Research Center
4 January 2017
Abdelali Haoudi, Head of Research Strategy and Business Development at the King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Blog: The way to success in science
2 January 2017
Young people working in any variant of science face many challenges. However, some tips can increase your chances of success.
Blog: 14 scientific reasons to disconnect at the weekend
30 December 2016
There's good reasons to switch off on a Friday, explains a new infographic.
Blog: You're a designer – act like one
28 December 2016
To communicate effectively, scientists have to start thinking like designers: know your audience, follow the rules of human perception, and tell your story in many layers.
Blog: Ten top science career tips for 2017
28 December 2016
Naturejobs gets into the New Year spirit by trawling through our archive to for our ten top career tips
Blog: Cell Atlas launch puts spatial proteomics online
21 December 2016
As scientific career goals go, being digitized into a 3D game avatar probably rarely cracks researchers' top 10. But for Emma Lundberg, it's an achievement unlocked.
Blog: Tracking down the holy grail of academia
21 December 2016
Connections and research proposal that complements a department are essential in obtaining a tenure-track faculty position, Louisa Cockbill learns from Kate Smith.
Feature: Science advocacy: Get involved
21 December 2016
Presenting science to politicians in a way they can understand can have good outcomes.
Blog: I need space to breathe, to create
19 December 2016
Creativity – probably the best PI skill in the world, says John Tregoning.
Blog: Making headlines: Choosing the best title for your paper
16 December 2016
It may feel like an afterthought, but taking the time to write an effective title for your paper could be an easy way of promoting your research, says Helen Robertson.
Blog: The talent prize that flies the Spanish flag for organometallic chemistry
14 December 2016
In 2016 Eva Hevia published her 100th paper, had her second child, celebrated her 40th birthday, and won a £14k prize which she will use to strengthen links between scientists in the UK and her native Spain.
Blog: #scidata16: Open data should be easy
14 December 2016
There'll always be reasons not to share data. It's time we stop making excuses and start making plans, says Atma Ivancevic.
Feature: Funding: Word perfect
14 December 2016
Nervous about your grant application's chance of success? Get help to make every word count.
Turning point: Climate guardian
14 December 2016
Turning to faith for the greater good.
Blog: The Art of Supervision in the Arab and Gulf Region
13 December 2016
The upcoming generation of Arab scientists has to be mentored differently, says Mohamed Boudjelal.
Blog: Lost for words — the language of science communication
12 December 2016
While English is largely regarded as the global language of science, science communication doesn't enjoy a unifying language.
Blog: The changing landscape of pharma: a new route for PhDs?
9 December 2016
The pharmaceutical industry is changing – challenging for some, but an open road to opportunity for others.
Blog: Keep the lights on
9 December 2016
Energy entrepreneurs, take note – you have an opportunity to compete for a cash prize and the chance to network with investors.
Blog: The competition that likes to say YES!
8 December 2016
Enterprising early career researchers get some high-level mentoring to handle the rough and tumble of the boardroom.
Here's what we spoke about at the Naturejobs Career Expo, London
What motivated you to move into industry?
27 December 2016
How important is self confidence in taking the next step in academia?
22 December 2016
Do you think your career was harder as a woman in science?
15 December 2016
Have you made any sacrifices in your academic career?
8 December 2016
Away from home
We're bringing you the best stories in lab mobility from Nature India
Collaboration in a global organisation
3 January 2017
Making graphene flakes in a kitchen blender
27 December 2016
Industry or academia?
20 December 2016
Blending remote sensing with social sciences
13 December 2016
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