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February 8, 2017
Don't Be Sad This is Discontinued...Make it at Home!

It's always a tragedy when your favorite restaurant dish is off the menu, or when you can only get it for a short time each year! But don't worry, because we're bringing you 18 Discontinued Restaurant Recipes in this issue. Take a page from my philosophy: Don't Be Sad It's Discontinued...Make it at Home! (shown)

P.S: Don't miss out on Wayback Wednesday!

And, check out your Challenge of the Week!


18 Discontinued Restaurant Recipes

  1. Discontinued Restaurant Recipe #1
  2. Discontinued Restaurant Recipe #2
  3. Discontinued Restaurant Recipe #3
  4. Discontinued Restaurant Recipe #4 
    - Unrexpected!
  5. Discontinued Restaurant Recipe #5 (shown)
  6. NEW These are Hard to Come By These Days
  7. Copycat TGI Friday's Nine Layer Dip
  8. Winger's Sticky Fingers Knockoff - My fave!
  9. All the Panda Express Copycats You Love
  10. You Can Only Get This at Some Paneras Now!
  1. NEW I Wish They Served This Dessert Year-Round!
  2. Cracker Barrel Copycat Cobbler
  3. You Can't Find This Very Often at McDonald's!
  4. The Olive Garden Copycat I Wish They Still Served at the Restaurant!
  5. Copycat Popeye's Recipes to OBSESS Over
  6. NEW Now You Can Make These Anytime You Want!
  7. Copycat Cracker Barrel Creamy Chicken
  8. The Secret Menu Item You Didn't Know You Needed - To-die-for delicious!

Wayback Wednesday

Wayback Recipe #10
  1. Wayback Recipe #1
  2. Wayback Recipe #2
  3. Wayback Recipe #3
  4. Wayback Recipe #4
  5. Wayback Recipe #5
  6. Wayback Recipe #6
  7. Wayback Recipe #7
  8. Wayback Recipe #8 - SOUP!
  9. Wayback Recipe #9
  10. Wayback Recipe #10


Quick Homemade Artisan Bread

Your Challenge of the Week is to make this NEW Quick Homemade Artisan Bread (shown). For a bread recipe that's fast and tasty, look no further than this marvelous idea! You're sure to impress everyone who eats it. 

And, if you loved that, check out these other wonderful bread recipes:


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WARNING: You'll Want to Make These Over and Over Again

Copycat Pioneer Woman Potatoes Au Gratin
  1. You'll Want to Make These Appetizers Again and Again
  2. I Want to Make This Every Week for the Rest of My Life
  3. Printable! Copycat Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti
  4. Warning: These Chipotle Copycats are Just TOO GOOD
  5. Homemade Chinese Orange Chicken
  6. Warning: These Meatballs are Perfect
  7. PF Chang's Copycat Dan Dan Noodles
  8. Your Hubby Will Ask for This Recipe All the Time
  9. My Favorite Recipe to Make Over and Over Again
  10. Copycat Pioneer Woman Potatoes Au Gratin (shown)
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  2. No One Will Think to Bring a Chinese Appetizer!

  3. I Stole This Idea From Outback Steakhouse!

  4. You Didn't Know Olive Garden Served This...

  5. A Genius Way to Use CRESCENT ROLLS

  6. Vintage Jello Pretzel Salad - WOW!

  7. Homemade Bacon Crack - Men love this!

  8. What I Always Bring to Family Gatherings (shown)


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