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February 6, 2017

Hello, Knitters!

Tired of knitting the same scarf and sweater patterns? Refresh your knitting repertoire with some exciting knit bag patterns! Not only are purses, totes, and bags practical accessories, they're a great way to mix up your knitting routine.

Bags like the Plush Lined Knit Bag are perfect for stowing all your treasures and trinkets—not to mention, the chunky look is so "in" right now.

23 Spring Bags

  1. The Bag They Won't Believe You Knit Yourself
  2. Mesh Knit Market Bag -Full Pattern!
  3. If You're a Knitter, You Need This Tote
  4. Don't Throw Away Your Old T-Shirts!
  5. Glam Girl Clutch -NEW Printable!
  6. Plush Lined Knit Bag
  7. The Bag That Will Get TONS Of Compliments
  8. Busy Girl's Favorite Knit Bag -Seriously!
  9. Boredom Buster Bag
  10. Swirls and Stripes Mosaic Bag -NEW
  11. Shetland Cable Knit Bag
  12. "Did You Get That At Chico's?" Tote
  1. Sea Breeze Bag -Reader Favorite!
  2. Aspen Mountain Knit Tote
  3. The Perfect Bag for Spring
  4. Soho Gold Leaf Clutch -Editor's Pick!
  5. Classic Vintage Bag
  6. Hermes Knit Bag -You Love This!
  7. I SO Want to Knit This Purse
  8. Favorite Breezy Tote -Full Pattern!
  9. "Kiss Me" Bag
  10. The Best Bag for Running Errands
  11. Wavy Messenger Bag -Editor's Pick!

BONUS! 3 Knitted Tote Bag Patterns


Coldwater Creek-Inspired Patterns

Moon Shadows Cardigan
  1. Moon Shadows Cardigan -Reader Favorite!
  2. Sandia Jacket
  3. Grandmother's Cottage Scarf
  4. Fresh Spring Cardigan
  5. Berry Crumble Cardigan -Editor's Pick!
  6. Four Row Holey Cowl
  7. Rustic Diamond Sweater
  8. Afternoon Brunch Cardigan -Can't Get Enough of This!
  9. Bedford Knit Vest
  10. Cozy Collared Cardigan
Outrageously Cozy Throws
Effortless Cherry Wine Afghan
  1. Light Spectrum Afghan -My Favorite!
  2. The Throw Your Home Has Been Missing
  3. Effortless Cherry Wine Afghan
  4. Simple Striped Seed Stitch Afghan
  5. Jewel Tone Throw -So Beautiful!
  6. Your Best Friend's Favorite Throw
  7. Heavenly Ivory Throw
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Shades of Glory

Mindless Silver Shawl
  1. Simple Gold Leaf Hat
  2. Mindless Silver Shawl
  3. Homespun Bronze Scarf
  4. Marigold Slouch Beanie
  5. Roman Silver Shrug
  6. Vermicelli Antique Bronze Wrap
  7. Harvest Gold Wheat Scarf
  8. Sonic Silver Cowl
  9. Blast-Off Bronze Stole

Knit spring bags with spring-themed yarn from CutRateCrafts.com!


1. Kaleidoscope Yarn - Spring Garden

2. Homespun Thick & Quick Yarn - Spring Stripes

3. Ultra Mellowspun Yarn - Spring Green

4. Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Garden Yarn - Spring Water

5. Red Heart Super Saver Yarn - Spring Green


CutRateCrafts offers thousands of other products for knitters, too!


Popular Printable Patterns

Chic Minimalist Baby Set
  1. 8 Hour Lace Shawl
  2. Pink Quick-Knit Beanie
  3. Grendaline Faux Fur Snood -OMG
  4. Grandma's Sunshine Scarf
  5. Chic Minimalist Baby Set -Editor's Pick!
  6. Life is Ruff Knit Dog Sweater
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