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Monday is here. But not just any Monday - it's the 2nd week of February. How has your January been? My February has been EPIC.

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I don't follow football and know pretty much nothing about it. But I now know more about Tom Brady....

For those of you who feel down... Feel dejected... Feel that all is lost... Think of Tom Brady (forget teams right now), but think of the principle. Your game of business is never over until you're dead. In most cases you can always recover, pivot, do better, get back into the game and succeed if you a) don't give up b) get a business coach c) are strategic d) course correcting. Never ever give up. It's now the 2nd week of February. Let's crush February. Share this with those who need encouragement

SXSW coming up in March. Mission trip to Dominican Republic, A G Gaston Conference in Birmingham and MORE.

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Women Biz Owners

5 Pain Points Women Biz Owners Must Overcome

Women business owners face some pretty unique challenges that their male business owners simply don't face. I had the honor of speaking with Christy Wright, part of the Dave Ramsey family, about this and more.

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Women Biz Owners

Twitter Chat on Thursday

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Procrastination. It's the ENEMY of productivity.

Hey, procrastination will KILL your day to day (and long term) production. We give you 5 key ways to REDUCE procrastination in your business. Also check out our resource section.

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Smart Hustle iTunes

Get inspired and educated on iTunes. Hear Ramon on Smart Hustle.

It's been way overdue, but I'm happy to announce that Smart Hustle is now on iTunes. Check it out at http://www.smarthustle.com/itunes - If you want to be inspired and educated via Podcast definitely sign up and LISTEN.

Rocket Lawyer founder

Rocket Lawyer founder visits with Smart Hustle and Ramon

Last week I had a great time learning from and interviewing Charley Moore, founder of Rocket Lawyer. Nice online service giving you legal advice with real lawyers and more. Our interview comes up soon!

Amtrak Customer Service

Is your customer service this good. Amtrak guy in NY Penn Station

Have you seen customer service so good - you just HAVE to capture it on video. This Amtrack customer service representative is bringing smiles and joy to all those he comes across. You've just gotta see this video and it'll make your day.

Read the full article here.

Join Ramon in Birmginham, AL

AG Gaston was an amazing entrepreneur who's business legacy includes 3 companies. Although his grandparents we slaves, his mind was clearly not on the past but on the future he could provide for himself, his family and his community.

Read about this amazing entrepreneur here.


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