How advertisers used social to engage Super Bowl fans

How advertisers used social to engage Super Bowl fans | "Storybook" by Huffington Post enhances mobile experience | Will popularity hurt influencer marketing?
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February 7, 2017
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The Big Story
How advertisers used social to engage Super Bowl fans
Brands tapped social to augment their Super Bowl campaigns, such as Snickers' 36-hour live stream leading up to the event, which featured social stars. Observers say smaller brands that can't pay the hefty Super Bowl ad price can still capitalize on the event by using influencers, advising that advertisers steer away from controversial issues and stick with humorous, lighthearted social engagement.
Marketing Dive (2/6),  TechCrunch (2/6) 
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8 Ways to Build Your Brand Using Social Media
Social media has changed the way our entire world works. Everyone has an equal voice and immediate access to vast networks of friends and followers. Customers are vocal —sometimes passionate—about the brands, products and services they use, and what they like and dislike. For marketers and PR professionals, this isn't news. Get the tip sheet.
Connecting & Collaborating
"Storybook" by Huffington Post enhances mobile experience
The Huffington Post is taking a design cue from Snapchat and Instagram with "Storybook," which includes 10 vertical swipeable images that can be inserted into articles on the platform. Seventy percent of the company's US traffic came from mobile users in December last year, per comScore.
Digiday (2/6) 
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Will popularity hurt influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing is growing in popularity because of effectiveness, but prevalence might lead it to become less effective. "As more and more people do it, it's less an opportunity to get ahead and more just keeping up," said Derek Rucker of Northwestern University.
CMO.com (2/6) 
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Marketer Moments
How the big Super Bowl advertisers fared online
How the big Super Bowl advertisers fared online
(Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)
Merkle's Digital Bowl Report rates how well Super Bowl advertisers took advantage of online search, social and video with their TV spots and rates them according to search engine optimization and paid search advertising performance. The winners were Budweiser, Avocados from Mexico, Buick, Wendy's, Wix and 84 Lumber, despite some surprising fumbles.
MediaPost Communications (2/6) 
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Platform News
Google changes AMP to allow link sharing
Google has updated its AMP service to enable users to share source links, which had previously been restricted to Google-only links. "This feature allows users to use their browser's native share functionality by long-tapping on the link that is displayed," Google engineer Alex Fischer wrote in a blog post.
MediaPost Communications (2/6),  TechCrunch (2/6) 
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Measurement Matters
Viewability scores are focus of Rubicon Project, Integral Ad Science effort
The Rubicon Project is offering "viewability scores" provided by Integral Ad Science for video and display ads bought via Rubicon's platform. "Armed with placement-level predictive viewability scores, media buyers in the Rubicon Project marketplace can make better-informed pricing decisions, establish accurate performance measurements, and execute increasingly sophisticated strategies," IAS' David Marquard says.
The Drum (Glasgow, Scotland) (2/6) 
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Social Shareable
Budweiser wins the Super Bowl on YouTube
Budweiser wins the Super Bowl on YouTube
Click to watch video (Budweiser/YouTube)
Budweiser's Super Bowl spot telling the immigration story of its founder won the most views on YouTube and was the event's most socially shared ad, per Unruly. The ad has been viewed nearly 27 million times, more than double the number of views for the Mr. Clean ad, which holds the No. 2 spot.
Marketing Land (2/6),  Digiday (2/5) 
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Systems Engineer
Structures Engineer
Brands tweeting at other brands is no longer cute. These days, almost every brand seems to be winking at another one.
Tanya Dua, writing for Digiday
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 Andy Sernovitz, Editor at Large
Andy Sernovitz builds organizations that help people help each other. His company, GasPedal, builds peer-to-peer communities for people leading meaningful change at the world’s biggest companies, including SocialMedia.org and SocialMedia.org Health. He wrote the best-selling book Word of Mouth Marketing that teaches you how to earn the respect and recommendation of your customers.
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