How coffee might slow aging

The Brief February 06, 2017
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How Coffee Might Slow Aging
There's a could be a surprising benefit to your morning coffee. We're not talking about mochas with whipped cream and caramel, though

The New England Patriots Pulled Off the Greatest Super Bowl Comeback Ever
You love them. You hate them. But no matter where you come down on New England, give the Patriots this: They do Super Bowls right

President Trump Attacks Judge as White House Predicts Courts Will Restore Immigration Ban
The White House said it expected the courts to reinstate a ban on refugees and travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States

The 10 Super Bowl Ads You Need To Watch
The New England Patriots came from behind to pull off a remarkable overtime victory in Super Bowl LI Sunday, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28. Also…

Meet the Arabs Who Say Trump Will Make the Middle East Great Again
An online Middle Eastern group praises President Trump's strongman talk of fighting terrorism and ask him to destroy ISIS using the hashtag #MakeTheMiddleEastGreatAgain

New Yorkers Team Up to Remove Swastika Graffiti in Subway Car Using Hand Sanitizer
The alcohol in hand sanitizer helps wipe away ink

France's Election Is Becoming a Battle of Two Insurgents
With center-right establishment candidate Francois Fillon mired in scandal, the National Front's Marine Le Pen and youthful independent Emmanuel Macron are emerging as the frontrunners

Lady Gaga Pulled Off One of the Best Halftime Shows Ever
Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show stands as among the very best in the history of the form, racing ambitiously through the artist's entire career…

Go Behind the Scenes as Fortune Cookie History Gets Made
Take a look back at the complicated history of the cookies—and an exclusive look inside a factory where they're made

How Facebook Understands What's in Your Photos
Facebook has long been able to recognize the people in your photos and sort images by where they were taken. But it hasn't been as…

What Bacon Really Does to Your Body
Bacon reserves are at a 60-year low. Maybe it's time to rethink eating so much of it

Watch the Newest Music Video From Space
It's the latest offering in a growing genre


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