Make Smart Payment Processing Choices For Your Business

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Since 2000, Electronic Payments has been a leading innovator in payment processing solutions for businesses nationwide. We offer a broad range of POS products and payment services for POS dealers and VARS, including software development, 24/7 in-house support, and value-added services. Connect with us to benefit from the latest technologies and lucrative programs. Learn more.

Featured Articles
Why EMV Payment Integrations Are Hard And What To Do About It

Most developers are in business to solve unique needs of a market or business segment; they're not experts in payments. Unfortunately, today the ability to process cards comes at a significant cost and effort.

3 Restaurant Technology Trends To Watch

Restaurant operators must remain on top of trends if their operations are to remain competitive, whether they're related to food, business, or technology. Here are three new restaurant technology trends to watch this year.

The Unknown Truth About Self-Checkout

Retail organizations started installing self-checkouts about a decade ago to expedite the process and save money on employee compensation. Things haven't always worked out as planned. While some retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot continue using self-checkouts, others have given up.

How To Go Beyond Omni-Channel

Merchants are seeking out a truly unified experience, and they won't stop until they have all the tools that the retail giants do. Omni-channel may let you see the behavior of some of your customers in certain limited ways, but unified commerce models how your customers behave as individuals and in the aggregate.

Centralized Management Of APs Reduces IT Support Load

Cloud managed switches, security appliances, together with managed wireless LAN, enable enterprises to deploy 100 percent cloud managed networks, adding visibility and control while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional solutions.

Sunshine Daydream Offers Groovy Digital Receipt Solution To Customers

Sunshine Daydream offers an array of merchandise from clothes, to home d├ęcor, to smoking accessories. Already a user of Star Micronics TSP100 LAN printers, Sunshine Daydream has decided to implement Star's AllReceipts digital receipt app in all four locations, allowing customers to store and manage their receipts digitally on their smartphones.

Dealing In Merchant Mobility

As retailers rush to proliferate their stores with mobile devices, retail systems dealers juggle responsibility with opportunity.

Beyond EMV: What's Next?

Merchants across the U.S. have gone through the expense and pains of adopting EMV, expecting it to be the one-stop solution to fraud. As the majority of merchants are implementing EMV, fraudsters are looking for any points of entry. Unfortunately, even EMV has its vulnerabilities.

Make Smart Payment Processing Choices For Your Business

Once a VAR or ISV makes a decision to pursue monthly recurring revenue opportunities in payment processing, the big question becomes how?

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