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  07 February 2017   
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Effects of hydrological regime on development of Carex wet meadows in East Dongting Lake, a Ramsar Wetland for wintering waterbirds


Lei Jing, Cai Lu, Yan Xia et al.


Wet meadows are one of the most important ecological components in floodplain, and are among the most dynamic ecosystems. Understanding the development of wet meadows and …


Sediment biomarker, bacterial community characterization of high arsenic aquifers in Jianghan Plain, China


Hengpeng Ye, Zeyu Yang, Xiang Wu et al.


Representative biomarkers (e.g., n-alkanes), diversity and microbial community in the aquifers contaminated by high concentration of arsenic (As) in different sediment depth …


Corrigendum: Fishing-induced life-history changes degrade and destabilize harvested ecosystems


Anna Kuparinen, Alice Boit, Fernanda S. Valdovinos et al.



Future forest aboveground carbon dynamics in the central United States: the importance of forest demographic processes


Wenchi Jin, Hong S. He, Frank R. Thompson III et al.


The Central Hardwood Forest (CHF) in the United States is currently a major carbon sink, there are uncertainties in how long the current carbon sink will persist and if the CHF …


Implementation of a method to visualize noise-induced hearing loss in mass stranded cetaceans


Maria Morell, Andrew Brownlow, Barry McGovern et al.


Assessment of the impact of noise over-exposure in stranded cetaceans is challenging, as the lesions that lead to hearing loss occur at the cellular level and inner ear cells are …


Spectrally monitoring the response of the biocrust moss Syntrichia caninervis to altered precipitation regimes


Kristina E. Young, Sasha C. Reed


Climate change is expected to impact drylands worldwide by increasing temperatures and changing precipitation patterns. These effects have known feedbacks to the functional roles …


Microbial nitrification, denitrification and respiration in the leached cinnamon soil of the upper basin of Miyun Reservoir


Wen Xu, Yan-Peng Cai, Zhi-Feng Yang et al.


Leached cinnamon soil is the main agricultural soil distributed in the North China Plain. In this research, leached cinnamon soil samples were collected in the upper basin of …


The reduction in the biomass of cyanobacterial N2 fixer and the biological pump in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean


Dongseon Kim, Jin-Hyun Jeong, Tae-Wook Kim et al.


The comparison of sediment trap data with physical and biogeochemical variables in the surface water column of the Tropical Northwestern Pacific Ocean (TNWPO) indicated that the …


Cover crops support ecological intensification of arable cropping systems


Raphaël A. Wittwer, Brigitte Dorn, Werner Jossi et al.


A major challenge for agriculture is to enhance productivity with minimum impact on the environment. Several studies indicate that cover crops could replace anthropogenic inputs …


Designing a new cropping system for high productivity and sustainable water usage under climate change


Qingfeng Meng, Hongfei Wang, Peng Yan et al.


The food supply is being increasingly challenged by climate change and water scarcity. However, incremental changes in traditional cropping systems have achieved only limited …


Development of a nanocomposite ultrafiltration membrane based on polyphenylsulfone blended with graphene oxide


Arun Kumar Shukla, Javed Alam, Mansour Alhoshan et al.


In the present study, graphene oxide (GO) was incorporated as a nanoadditive into a polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) to develop a PPSU/GO nanocomposite membrane with enhanced antifouling …


Multipath colourimetric assay for copper(II) ions utilizing MarR functionalized gold nanoparticles


Yulong Wang, Limin Wang, Zhenhe Su et al.


We use the multiple antibiotic resistance regulator (MarR), as a highly selective biorecognition elements in a multipath colourimetric sensing strategy for the fast detection of …


Toxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles to grass litter decomposition in a sandy soil


Muhammad Imtiaz Rashid, Tanvir Shahzad, Muhammad Shahid et al.


We examined time-dependent effect of iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs) at a rate of 2000 mg kg−1 soil on Cynodon dactylon litter (3 g kg−1) decomposition in an arid sandy soil. …


First On-Site True Gamma-Ray Imaging-Spectroscopy of Contamination near Fukushima Plant


Dai Tomono, Tetsuya Mizumoto, Atsushi Takada et al.


We have developed an Electron Tracking Compton Camera (ETCC), which provides a well-defined Point Spread Function (PSF) by reconstructing a direction of each gamma as a point and …


Boreal pollen contain ice-nucleating as well as ice-binding ‘antifreeze’ polysaccharides


Katharina Dreischmeier, Carsten Budke, Lars Wiehemeier et al.


Ice nucleation and growth is an important and widespread environmental process. Accordingly, nature has developed means to either promote or inhibit ice crystal formation, for …


An effective and novel pore sealing agent to enhance the corrosion resistance performance of Al coating in artificial ocean water


Han-Seung Lee, Jitendra Kumar Singh, Mohamed A. Ismail


A new technique was accepted to fill the porosity of Al coating applied by arc thermal spray process to enhance corrosion resistance performance in artificial ocean water. The …


Multi-Shell Nano-CarboScavengers for Petroleum Spill Remediation


Enrique A. Daza, Santosh K. Misra, John Scott et al.


Increasingly frequent petroleum contamination in water bodies continues to threaten our ecosystem, which lacks efficient and safe remediation tactics both on macro and …


Legacy of contaminant N sources to the NO3 signature in rivers: a combined isotopic (δ15N-NO3, δ18O-NO3, δ11B) and microbiological investigation


Cyrielle Briand, Mathieu Sebilo, Pascale Louvat et al.


Nitrate content of surface waters results from complex mixing of multiple sources, whose signatures can be modified through N reactions occurring within the different …


Saturday Driving Restrictions Fail to Improve Air Quality in Mexico City


Lucas W. Davis


Policymakers around the world are turning to license-plate based driving restrictions in an effort to address urban air pollution. The format differs across cities, but most …


First real-time observation of transverse division in azooxanthellate scleractinian corals


Yuki Tokuda, Hiroko Haraguchi, Yoichi Ezaki


Asexual reproduction is one of the most important traits in the evolutionary history of corals. No real-time observations of asexual reproduction in azooxanthellate solitary …


Assessing Current and Future Freshwater Flood Risk from North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones via Insurance Claims


Jeffrey Czajkowski, Gabriele Villarini, Marilyn Montgomery et al.


The most recent decades have witnessed record breaking losses associated with U.S. landfalling tropical cyclones (TCs). Flood-related damages represent a large portion of these …


Fewer clouds in the Mediterranean: consistency of observations and climate simulations


Arturo Sanchez-Lorenzo, Aaron Enriquez-Alonso, Josep Calbó et al.


Clouds play a major role in the climate system, but large uncertainties remain about their decadal variations. Here we report a widespread decrease in cloud cover since the …


Foliar fungi of Betula pendula: impact of tree species mixtures and assessment methods


Diem Nguyen, Johanna Boberg, Michelle Cleary et al.


Foliar fungi of silver birch (Betula pendula) in an experimental Finnish forest were investigated across a gradient of tree species richness using molecular high-throughput …


The evolution of conditional moral assessment in indirect reciprocity


Tatsuya Sasaki, Isamu Okada, Yutaka Nakai


Indirect reciprocity is a major mechanism in the maintenance of cooperation among unrelated individuals. Indirect reciprocity leads to conditional cooperation according to social …


Allometric scaling of decompression sickness risk in terrestrial mammals; cardiac output explains risk of decompression sickness


Andreas Fahlman


A probabilistic model was used to predict decompression sickness (DCS) outcome in pig (70 and 20 kg), hamster (100 g), rat (220 g) and mouse (20 g) following air saturation …


Genome-wide DNA methylation reprogramming in response to inorganic arsenic links inhibition of CTCF binding, DNMT expression and cellular transformation


Matthew Rea, Meredith Eckstein, Rebekah Eleazer et al.


Chronic low dose inorganic arsenic (iAs) exposure leads to changes in gene expression and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transformation. During this transformation, cells adopt a …


New evidence of Yangtze delta recession after closing of the Three Gorges Dam


X. X. Luo, S. L. Yang, R. S. Wang et al.


Many deltas are likely undergoing net erosion because of rapid decreases in riverine sediment supply and rising global sea levels. However, detecting erosion in subaqueous deltas …


Interactive effects of MnO2, organic matter and pH on abiotic formation of N2O from hydroxylamine in artificial soil mixtures


Shurong Liu, Anne E. Berns, Harry Vereecken et al.


Abiotic conversion of the reactive nitrification intermediate hydroxylamine (NH2OH) to nitrous oxide (N2O) is a possible mechanism of N2O formation during nitrification. Previous …


Dominant role of plant physiology in trend and variability of gross primary productivity in North America


Sha Zhou, Yao Zhang, Philippe Ciais et al.


Annual gross primary productivity (GPP) varies considerably due to climate-induced changes in plant phenology and physiology. However, the relative importance of plant phenology …


Thermo-Magneto-Electric Generator Arrays for Active Heat Recovery System


Jinsung Chun, Hyun-Cheol Song, Min-Gyu Kang et al.


Continued emphasis on development of thermal cooling systems is being placed that can cycle low grade heat. Examples include solar powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and …


Eddy covariance and biometric measurements show that a savanna ecosystem in Southwest China is a carbon sink


Xuehai Fei, Yanqiang Jin, Yiping Zhang et al.


Savanna ecosystems play a crucial role in the global carbon cycle. However, there is a gap in our understanding of carbon fluxes in the savanna ecosystems of Southeast Asia. In …


Sublethal pesticide doses negatively affect survival and the cellular responses in American foulbrood-infected honeybee larvae


Javier Hernández López, Sophie Krainer, Antonia Engert et al.


Disclosing interactions between pesticides and bee infections is of most interest to understand challenges that pollinators are facing and to which extent bee health is …


Fractal model and Lattice Boltzmann Method for Characterization of Non-Darcy Flow in Rough Fractures


Yang Ju, Qingang Zhang, Jiangtao Zheng et al.


The irregular morphology of single rock fracture significantly influences subsurface fluid flow and gives rise to a complex and unsteady flow state that typically cannot be …


Effects of ocean acidification on the potency of macroalgal allelopathy to a common coral


Carlos Del Monaco, Mark E. Hay, Patrick Gartrell et al.


Many coral reefs have phase shifted from coral to macroalgal dominance. Ocean acidification (OA) due to elevated CO2 is hypothesised to advantage macroalgae over corals, …


Seagrass ecophysiological performance under ocean warming and acidification


Tiago Repolho, Bernardo Duarte, Gisela Dionísio et al.


Seagrasses play an essential ecological role within coastal habitats and their worldwide population decline has been linked to different types of anthropogenic forces. We …


Glacier advance during Marine Isotope Stage 11 in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica


Kate M. Swanger, Jennifer L. Lamp, Gisela Winckler et al.


We mapped six distinct glacial moraines alongside Stocking Glacier in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. Stocking Glacier is one of several alpine glaciers in the Dry Valleys …


Global solar wind variations over the last four centuries


M. J. Owens, M. Lockwood, P. Riley


The most recent “grand minimum” of solar activity, the Maunder minimum (MM, 1650–1710), is of great interest both for understanding the solar dynamo and providing insight into …


Ice-core evidence of earliest extensive copper metallurgy in the Andes 2700 years ago


A. Eichler, G. Gramlich, T. Kellerhals et al.


The importance of metallurgy for social and economic development is indisputable. Although copper (Cu) was essential for the wealth of pre- and post-colonial societies in the …


Midcontinental Native American population dynamics and late Holocene hydroclimate extremes


Broxton W. Bird, Jeremy J. Wilson, William P. Gilhooly III et al.


Climate’s influence on late Pre-Columbian (pre-1492 CE), maize-dependent Native American populations in the midcontinental United States (US) is poorly understood as regional …


Hybrid Photonic Cavity with Metal-Organic Framework Coatings for the Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds with High Immunity to Humidity


Jifang Tao, Xuerui Wang, Tao Sun et al.


Detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at parts-per-billion (ppb) level is one of the most challenging tasks for miniature gas sensors because of the high requirement on …


A Novel Cardiotoxic Mechanism for a Pervasive Global Pollutant


Fabien Brette, Holly A. Shiels, Gina L. J. Galli et al.


The Deepwater Horizon disaster drew global attention to the toxicity of crude oil and the potential for adverse health effects amongst marine life and spill responders in the …


Synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence microscopy enables multiscale spatial visualization of ions involved in fungal lignocellulose deconstruction


Grant Kirker, Sam Zelinka, Sophie-Charlotte Gleber et al.


The role of ions in the fungal decay process of lignocellulose biomaterials, and more broadly fungal metabolism, has implications for diverse research disciplines ranging from …

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