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"The Place Where Head Cases Run The Asylum"

Today's Episode: The Week In Cartoons, November 29, 2008

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Google Friends Newsletter - November 2008

Google Friends Newsletter - November 2008

Winter greetings to Google friends everywhere. We hope you enjoy this
month's update on our products and services.


Google Translate adds 11 new languages

We recently added 11 more languages to Google Translate, making it
easier than ever to read web pages in other languages. The newest
language additions include Catalan, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak,
Latvian, Filipino, Indonesian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and


Update for Google iPhone apps

A number of updates for the Apple iPhone (including Street View,
Google Transit, walking directions, and voice search) are now
available. Access transportation schedules for 100+ cities worldwide -
New York, Tokyo, Montreal, Zurich, Perth, and more - from your iPhone.
And now voice search is integrated into the latest version of the
Google Mobile App for iPhone: just hold the phone to your ear and say
what you're looking for, and you'll hear Google search results. If you
do a local search for something like [pizza], we'll automatically find
pizza places near your current location.

Gmail launches themes, voice and video chat

This month we introduced Gmail themes in 50 languages. Similar to
iGoogle, these 31 different themes range from options that simply
change colors to ones that change based on the time of day or the
weather. To customize your inbox, go to the "Themes" tab under
"Settings." We also rolled out Gmail voice and video chat for Macs
and PCs, supporting 53 languages.

Stay ahead of the flu with Google Flu Trends

You can better prepare for flu season with a new tool that provides up-
to-date estimates of flu activity in the U.S. Google Flu Trends uses
aggregated Google search data to track flu activity up to two weeks
faster than traditional flu surveillance systems. The site also
includes flu news articles, a flu shot locator, and lots of
information about how we calculate the estimates from aggregated
search queries.

Ancient Rome in 3D now in Google Earth

Take a step back in time and explore Ancient Rome in 3D, now available
in Google Earth. This layer includes more than 6,700 ancient Roman
buildings rebuilt in 3D - and more than 200 placemarks that provide
historical information about famous sites. The project originated from
"Rome Reborn," an international academic initiative to create a
digital model of Rome as it appeared in late antiquity.


Crowded airports, unruly security lines, and jammed highways: Yes,
here comes the year-end holiday travel season. Thanks to a few search
tips and tricks, you can make traveling to and fro a little bit
easier. Before you leave the house, you can track flight status
information just by entering the airline and flight number into the
search box. You can also see delays at a specific airport by typing in
the name of the city or three-letter airport code followed by the word
"airport." And Google Maps will get you through the alphabet soup of
airport codes, too. If you're headed one place but your itinerary
indicates you'll be changing planes at an unrecognizable three-letter
destination (SJC or DCA, for example), just enter the airport code to
find it on the map. We also offer a host of products designed
specifically for mobile phones, making it easy to track traffic and
weather conditions while you're on the road. We hope tools like these
will help de-stress the holidays so you can stay focused on good

The Google Blog offers frequent updates and insights about our technology and products, and the company at large.

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Google Alert - Ignoble

Google News Alert for: Ignoble

Bleacher Report
Nebraska 40, Colorado 31: Plus Mac Vs. Hawk, Their First Three Seasons
Bleacher Report - San Francisco,CA,USA
Not only did the Buffs lose in ignoble fashion—on a Nebraska school-record 57-yard field goal with less than two minutes to play—but the loss will keep ...
See all stories on this topic
Russia and Fidel Castro
Diario las Américas - Miami,FL,USA
It is unfortunate that the substantive values of democracy and its institutions be at the mercy of a cheap and ignoble propaganda, which is what happens ...
See all stories on this topic
The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com
Mikal Gilmore's "Stories Done" looks at lives of 1960s pop culture ...
The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com - Cleveland,OH,USA
... I've chronicled here produced something remarkable despite themselves, despite whatever broke or finished them or perhaps even made them ignoble. ...
See all stories on this topic
Nigeria: Uzoma Okere - the Conquest of Civilian Pride
AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA
The present military is, of course, a product of the inglorious and ignoble past. "I have no modicum of regard for Nigerian Generals whose preoccupations ...
See all stories on this topic
Pinoy Kasi Where to raise kids
Inquirer.net - Philippines
... most of which are really more for entertainment (eg, worst dressed women, and the Ignoble Awards for the most ridiculous research conducted). ...
See all stories on this topic
Breakingviews.com Baking Some Stability Into Banking
New York Times - United States
But many of the industry's problems can be traced back to two lies — a noble one that is not respected enough, and an ignoble one that is too widely ...
See all stories on this topic
Daily Sun
Sexual abuse of female detainees
Daily Sun - Apapa,Lagos,Nigeria
... a subject of a probe, we urge that the investigation should be thorough and come up with concrete details of the policemen involved in the ignoble act. ...
See all stories on this topic
A Springtime of Possibility
Communist Party USA - New York,NY,USA
Still another reason for the outcome was the wisdom of the American people, especially the readiness of so many to throw off ignoble and self-defeating ...
See all stories on this topic
KOREA: A Long And Ignoble Tradition
Strategy Page - USA
Thus the North Koreans are carrying out a long and ignoble tradition. November 12, 2008: North Korea has threatened to cut phone and rail lines between ...
See all stories on this topic
Who is and could be a 'Sikh'?
NewsBlaze - Folsom,CA,USA
... motives) and *Bhekh Di Sikhi* (those who accept Sikhism formally to imitate Sikhs for material gains and to exploit Sikhism for their ignoble ends)? ...
See all stories on this topic

Google Blogs Alert for: Ignoble

Book of Doom:Batman #681
By Doom DeLuise
Several weeks back, I predicted that the man behind the Black Glove and the "most ignoble betrayal" to Batman was going to be Nightwing. Failing that, I thought there'd be a good chance of it being Robin. Turns out, I was wrong. ...
Doomkopf.com - http://www.doomkopf.com/
Comment on #116 Black Music that Black People Don't Listen to ...
By Selma Blair
I thought you are dead PW botha!! nelson mandela and frederick de kerck shared a nobel prize! I was upset they didn't give you the IGNOBLE prize!!!! Really , really upset!!!!
Comments for Stuff White People Like - http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/
Day 335 – Week 49 - A Big Birthday Having a Heart in a Sometimes ...
By NorthStar Community(NorthStar Community)
Either he was ignoble – fooling around with his teenage fiancĂ© – or a fool – engaged to a young girl who cheated on him. It's times like this when one's character is revealed. And it turns out, that while much has been made about God's ...
NSC Daily Devotional - http://nscdailydevotional.blogspot.com/
What do I do on the Big Island? Fall in Love with the Hamakua Coast!
By lovingthebigisland
Tracks and trestles were cannibalized for wood and metal in the war effort and slowly the Big Island train industry was groaning to an ignoble halt when the tidal wave of 1946 destroyed much of the remaining track; today the carcass of ...
Lovingthebigisland's Weblog - http://lovingthebigisland.wordpress.com/
The Value of Believing in Free Will
By Doug Girard(Doug Girard)
This study found that weakening people's belief in free-will increased ignoble behaviors, specifically cheating. In the first experiment, a passive cheating paradigm was explored in which a computer "glitch" allowed the correct answer ...
Psychology Review - http://psychologyreview.blogspot.com/

Google Web Alert for: Ignoble

:: Ignoble ::
Ignoble y property resulting from ay of long wine tradition, jean-pierre peyverg s received from his father the passion of the wine and the soil.

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