Tomorrow is so, so important, Lewis

Lewis --

Over the past seven years, we, as Democrats, have worked hard to open the doors of opportunity. After inheriting the worst economic situation in 70 years, under President Obama, we've added jobs month after month. We've seen our uninsured rate hit record lows, we've had more students graduate from high school than ever before, and we've seen marriage equality become the law of the land.

But tomorrow is even more important than yesterday -- and that's why I'm asking for your help to keep building the Democratic Party, Lewis.

We've made so much progress -- and I don't know about you, but I'm completely unwilling to let a Republican president and Congress walk back all of the work we've done together over the past few years. And this is why tomorrow matters.

We can do anything we want with the days ahead, Lewis. We can protect all our progress and continue moving our country forward. That's why I'm asking you to pitch in $3 or whatever you can before the quarterly fundraising deadline at midnight tonight so we can elect Democrats in 2016 who'll do just that.

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Thanks for this, Lewis. Tomorrow is so, so important. I hope you'll put some thought into what your help today will mean for us tomorrow.


Tim Kaine
U.S. Senator, Virginia


Paid for by the Democratic National Committee, 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington DC 20003 and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Contributions or gifts to the Democratic National Committee are not tax deductible.

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Elon Musk with Tesla Model X
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Real Dads Drive Teslas
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The Best a Man Can Get?

Wealthy Retirement
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why NORAD Is Moving Operations

NORAD, the U.S. military command that scans the skies for airborne threats, is spending a near billion dollars to move communications back to their old Cold War Bunker in Colorado... here's why.

The Safety Net: Is This 3.65% Yield the "Best a Man Can Get"?

Marc is out this week, but that doesn't mean we're canceling the week's dividend safety showdown. He has asked me to compose this week's Safety Net column in his stead.

It may be hard to believe, but I love to clean. I also enjoy trying out all of the household products that show up on store shelves.

This weekend, I decided to do some deep "autumn" cleaning. The household stalwarts I used provided me with the inspiration for this week's Safety Net evaluation. I want to show you the dividend safety of a 178-year-old manufacturer of brands consumers and investors alike have come to love and trust.

Look in your laundry room, in your shower or under your kitchen sink, and you will likely find at least half a dozen brand-name products manufactured by Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE: PG). From Tide to Dawn to Pantene, the company's brands are ones that most of us use daily.

An elite member of the Dividend Aristocrats, Procter & Gamble has been paying dividends for more than 125 years. It has raised its dividend for the last 59 consecutive years. The average raise has been 9%.

Exxon Mobil

But over the last five years, the tides have turned for the company. Growth nearly slowed to a halt as the company became bloated by several of its brand acquisitions.

Recognizing the problem, the company brought back one of its time-tested leaders, A.G. Lafley. In 2013, he was re-elected as chairman, president and CEO. His plan: Focus on Procter & Gamble's stronger, more iconic and profitable brands.

Procter & Gamble took a significant step toward executing its transition plan earlier this year when it sold its Duracell battery brand to Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK.A, BRK.B). It also sold its portfolio of beauty brands to Coty Inc. (NYSE: COTY) not long ago.

But the transition hasn't been easy. And it has taken longer than management and most shareholders expected. Like most multinational companies, the strong dollar has negatively impacted Procter & Gamble's results. Investors have taken note, and many have cleaned Procter & Gamble out of their portfolios.

Shares are down over 20% year-to-date. Procter & Gamble's stock now wears a 3.65% dividend yield. But with stagnant sales, divestitures and continued currency headwinds, how long will the dividend last?

"It's Like Winning the Lottery!" - Lawrence L.

According to an ABC News report, people are becoming "millionaires overnight." It's happening in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma... All over the country.

One man from a tiny town of 1,458 is now looking "to reap as much as $1 million per year."

How are they doing it? Shockingly, it all comes down to an amazing 94-year-old man's invention. Go here to find out how his invention could hand you as much as $127,000 each year for 45 years.

Let's run Procter & Gamble's dividend through the rinse cycle and see what comes out in the wash.

Although sales actually declined 5% last year, free cash flow has not been shaved. In fact, it has continued to edge up. Free cash flow grew 7.54% to $10.9 billion in fiscal 2015 and is expected to rise another 3.77% this year. Over the last three years, free cash flow has gone up 16.65%.

An important piece of the Safety Net formula is the free cash flow payout ratio. Last year, Procter & Gamble paid out $7.3 billion in dividends to shareholders. This gives the company a payout ratio of 67.03%.

This year, shareholders expect to receive $7.5 billion in the form of dividends, giving Procter & Gamble a forward payout ratio of 64.66%. Both payout ratios are comfortably below the Safety Net's 75% cap.

Procter & Gamble's payout ratio is a bit higher than it has been historically, but there is still plenty of wiggle room to protect the dividend in case free cash flow unexpectedly dips.

The Safety Net has failed to find a chink in Procter & Gamble's dividend safety armor.

Despite the slower-than-expected execution of its transition and the negative impact of the strong dollar, Procter & Gamble's dividend is safe. With a 125-year history, it may even be worthy of the company's famous Gillette razor slogan: "The best a man can get."

Dividend Safety Rating: A

Good investing,


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