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Steak Shoppe Shutters | New York's Most Popular Bar


Daily New York Food News from NYMag.com & MenuPages.com
Marketing Gimmicks

Chocolate Bar Invites Spies to Come In From the Cold

Did one of the Russian spies frequent the coffee shop? Uh, no.


Landlord Puts Steak Shoppe (f.k.a. Permanent Brunch) Out of Its Misery

The buzzy underperformer has been seized by its landlord.

Health Concerns

311 Callers Raise a Stink About Restaurant Odors

1,000 complaints per year.

Street Meat

Nominate Your Favorite Cart Pusher for a Vendy

Tickets to the Vendys are now available.


Zagat Crowns 230 Fifth the Most Popular Bar in New York

Plus, more results from the 2010 Nightlife survey.


M. Wells Brings Meat Pies and Frozen Custard to Long Island City

The "Quebeco-American" diner will open July 6.

The Other Critics

Sifton Goes Casual at Balaboosta; Cheshes Lands a Table at the Lion

Plus: temptation at Tanoreen, and budget pizza at Totale.


High-Schoolers Farming Oysters; Starbucks Sells Instant Iced Coffee

Plus: Two former dining hot-spots are struggling to fill their seats, and more, all in our morning news roundup.

Neighborhood Watch

Williamsburg Gets a Mechanical Bull; Free Growlers at Choptank

Plus: X'ian Famous Foods gets an opening date, and a new sandwich at Goodburger, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.


Brooklyn’s a Happening Place for Businesses

'Inc.' calls out some of the boroughs most successful food start-ups.


Ex-Forbes Publisher Plans Food Site

The master of pagebaiting slideshows turns to the crowded food verticle.


Beba Throws in the Towel After Two Months

The Mediterranean restaurant closes after just 72 days of operations.

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[Parent Hacks] 2 new posts in Parent Hacks

Hello, ignoble.experiment@arconati.us, and thank you for subscribing to Parent Hacks. Got a hack you'd like to share? Send it to hacks@parenthacks.com, along with your name and Web address (if you'd like us to link to you).

Cover healing umbilical cord site with a cotton nursing pad

Nursing pads Kim calls this the "rising moon." When I saw her hack in my inbox, I thought it had something to do with Twilight mania! Then I remembered the book is called New Moon, and that I'm not as connected to pop culture as a few other people I know. (Hey, I just watched the first Twilight movie last week.) (And Robert Pattison is cute, but to me he'll always be Cedrick Diggory.)

Where was I? Oh yes, writing a long, rambling, unrelated intro to a very smart one-sentence hack for parents of newborns!

Instead of folding down diapers so that the umbilical cord doesn't come off too early, try covering the cord with a cotton breast pad before diapering.

More: Tips for newborn parents

On Parent Hacks at: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/parenthacks/~3/ZI8ti_ATdXk/cover-healing-umbilical-cord-site-with-a-cotton-nursing-pad.html

How to Keep Towels off the Bathroom Floor

via www.earnestparenting.com

How did she do it? Amy details the long experiment in teaching her sons to hang up the bathroom towels. It's an interesting example of how design and functionality go hand-in-hand. In other words...make it easier to clean up and (most of the time) people are more likely to try.

On Parent Hacks at: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/parenthacks/~3/HKya5ExTGfo/how-to-keep-towels-off-the-bathroom-floor.html

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Wife carrying, bog snorkeling, bathtub races, and running up the Empire State Building - just some of the wacky and weird contests people enter. Many of these challenges don't require a lot of training, just stamina and a willingness to go all out....Read More

"Adventures in Being Prepared"
Clorox - yes the company that makes bleach - has created a free, child-oriented down-loadable book with excellent suggestions for families that are taking their kids on adventures this summer....Read More

Quieter Hiking Routes in Switzerland
The Swiss have a word for it: Alpenbegeisterung, literally "Alps enthusiasm." It's a highly infectious urge to set out on a mountain trail in search of stunning scenery--jagged peaks girded with glaciers, deep-cut valleys laced with surging waterfalls, and ....Read More

Plan Adventure Travel Trips
Tips for Planning Trips will help you define your personal adventure travel style and decide the types of trips that might fit your dream list. Here's where to go when you're looking for specific information about planning your vacations, a list of gear and supplies for adventurous trips, and companies that offer the trips you dream about taking.


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