Regular Scottish Lad Steve Bannon's Twitter Is Blowing up for the Best Kind of Wrong Reasons, and He's Trolling It Off His Back Like a Champ and more...

This poor Scottish Steve Bannon laddy has continually been mistaken on Twitter for a very different Steve Bannon, who is the controversial far-right White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counsel to the President, and former Executive Chair of ...


Regular Scottish Lad Steve Bannon's Twitter Is Blowing up for the Best Kind of Wrong Reasons, and He's Trolling It Off His Back Like a Champ and more...

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Regular Scottish Lad Steve Bannon's Twitter Is Blowing up for the Best Kind of Wrong Reasons, and He's Trolling It Off His Back Like a Champ


This poor Scottish Steve Bannon laddy has continually been mistaken on Twitter for a very different Steve Bannon, who is the controversial far-right White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counsel to the President, and former Executive Chair of alt-right news site Breitbart News. At least he's handling it like a master troll.

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Mom of the Year Takes Joke Bet Seriously and Leaves an Apple Store Riddled With Selfies

Moms, is there anything they can’t do?

This mom wanted to leave the Apple Store for obvious reasons. But when her daughter and husband said that they wouldn’t leave until she took a selfie on every computer in the store, they got a little more than they bargained for.

See for yourself:

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32 Things We Do on a Regular Basis, While Failing to Ever Admit To


The internet just gets you sometimes, and this is one of those times.

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What's All This, Then: The Best British Protest Signs from the London Anti-Trump Protest

Protest,england,donald trump

Oi, guvnor, what's all this about then? 

It appears that the British are coming... to protest the American president, you know, that reality-TV gameshow host who enacted a Muslim Ban last friday, and his visit across the pond. It would appear as though they don't want him either. 

And what better way to voice their concerns than with some hilarious protest signs. Here are some of the best: 

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Watch Two Police Departments Have a Field Day With That Breathalyzer Tostito Bag


What happens when you bring your breathalyzer chip bag to Lawrence, KS. Well, they roast you. 

Two police departments tore into those breathalyzer Tostito bags, which can tell if you're too drunk to drive. Lawrence PD and the Riley County Police Department (also located in Kansas) took turns roasting the bag and the possible dangers of letting a chip tell you if you're too drunk. 

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Garbage Men Share the Craziest, Occasionally Amazing Things They've Found in the Trash


If there's one thing that seems evident as a garbage man, it's to approach each day of work expecting the unexpected. Some of this 'trash' would've been better left undiscovered altogether.

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Mission Accomplished


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Cringe-Inducing 'Cunnilingus Training' App Surfaces on Internet, Naturally Inspires People to Share Hilarious Insights


Cum on, this is just ridiculous and provides no shortage in the way of not failing to keep us entertained. Cliterally a cunning innovation, indeed. The tagline reads, "Lickster is a revolutionary new training game that will make you a cunnilingus pro lickity-split." So, at the very least they get a thumbs up for taking a shot at creativity. Anyways, sit back and enjoy leafing through some solid pro tips and plain hilarious jokes about the "Lickster."

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12 Actors Who Have Notorious Reputations for Treating Their Cast Members Like Garbage


The only reasonable 'next move' as it were, is to bring all these fine and amicable individuals so clearly able to co-exist with one another (or anyone else...), and have them make a movie. Or at the very least, take a crack at a well orchestrated shitshow, full of daily actor clashes, and Hollywood press propaganda-worthy headlines. 

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People Share the Weirdest Sexual Requests They've Gotten From Their Partners, and Someone Queue Up a Cold Shower

sex,askreddit,partner,sexy times,dating

People will do some crazy things in the name of passion. Some of these are pure, sweet unadulterated sex-crazed madness. You could say we opened up Pandora's Box on this one.

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Faint-Hearted Beware... of the Extremely Erotic 'Virgin Killing Sweater'


Alright, so this one hails from the wild world of Japan and is currently exploding all over the internet on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. 

The 'Virgin Killing Sweater', as its name implies is a sweater that doesn't leave much to the imagination. This fabled garment is full-length dress-sweater(?) that shows both front and back cleavage and it looks like something that comes straight out of a female character's wardrobe in an MMO 

Just a heads up...

This One is NSFW

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Reddit Users Reveal What The Weird Guys In Their Offices Are Up To


Everyone's got one, except for me because I am him, a weird guy in the office. 

Whether he's a closer talker or sneaking off to masturbate on company time, there's nothing quite like the experience of interacting with your office weirdo. As he speaks, the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention, aware that any moment, he could kill you. But they are still fun to talk about. 

That's why the weirdos on Reddit decided to trade war stories. Here are the weirdest things office creeps are up to:

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I'm Not Loving It

fail mcdonalds hands

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18 Shamelessly Slutty, Amazing Tacos That Were Born For Taco Tuesday


Literally though. These tacos were born for this glorious day. Get it? 

Well, I'm definitely dual-wielding some uncontrollable drooling and violent stomach growls now, and shit, I just had that crazy little thing called a breakfast. But hey, leave it to some slutty tacos to awaken the senses and that mad hunger. The lineup here is absolutely on point, so break out your best imaginary food bib and pretend like you might actually bite into one of these titillating tacos.

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Woman Reaches Into Bag of Fresh Bought Fair Trade Bananas, Ends Up Discovering Dead Frog


There's nothing fair about this situation, dude. I mean, shitness, take a look at that fearless little guy who ended up getting smashed by reality. He took a leap of faith, and damn, he fell short.

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Photoshop Battle Reaches Logical Conclusion and Goes to Town on Donald Trump's Giant Butt

donald trump,photoshop battle

Reddit giveth and Reddit taketh away.

The front page of the Internet played a big part in getting a reality-TV gameshow host elected president, and now they’re taking his butt to town. In this Photoshop Battle, the rapscallions over at Reddit have taken this picture and begun photoshopping the shit out of it.

via Reddit

So hold on to your butts, here are some of the best:

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Man On Fire Casually Removing Clothes Is In No Way Metaphorical For How Every Day Feels


Here’s a video of a man on fire casually removing his clothes, which are also ablaze.

What one must ask is, “What is wrong with this person? Are they ok? Are they in pain?” Or as the gentlemen recording asks, “Are you good?”

An interesting question for a man who’s on fire.

It was originally shared by @NYCFireWire on Twitter, but there is no more information on this man. Hopefully, he put this fire out. 

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Twitter Put Together a 90s Time Capsule and These 16 Items Are Definitely Going In It


Aw… remember the 90s? Who could forget? What with its bright colors, Nicktoons, and digital pets. It was a time to be cherished and one that frequently is.

We all love the 90s, but what would go in your 90s time capsule? We’re guessing it might look a little something like this.

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There Are 80 Falcons on This Plane and It Is Glorious


Flying is such a hassle. What with security and the food and the delays? Ugh. Airports! Am I right?

Now, imagine having to fly not just yourself, but also 80 falcons. What? “Uh, excuse me, passengers, this is your captain speaking, and you better buckle up because this is going to be a bumpy flight.”

This Saudi prince bought 80 seats on an airplane so that his falcons didn’t have to use their wings. However, while that might seem strange to us yanks here in the states, it’s actually quite common in the Middle East, where falconry is pretty popular. Qatar and Etihad Airways both have policies for bringing birds on planes.

Still, all these birds on a plane should have Samuel L. Jackson calling his agent and saying, “Put on your helmet because you’re about to hit the ceiling: ‘Snakes on a Pane 2: Birds on a Plane.’”

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World Loses Mind and Starts Making Kit Kat Sushi

sushi,kit kat,food

via @JapanCrate

Crazy times deserve a crazy food, and Kit Kat is going for the gold.

A Kit Kat specialty shop is opening in Tokyo and to mark the occasion, they’re making special Kit Kat sushi, which is exactly what it sounds like.

According to Kotaku, “Kit Kat sushi will come in three flavors: Maguro (tuna), Tamago (egg), and Uni (sea urchin). Their actual taste is slightly different, but the treats were created in the image of the sushi that inspired them.”

But don’t worry, there isn’t actually fish in them. The Kit Kats are served over puffed rice and covered in white chocolate, and are only made to look like sushi. The tuna is raspberry flavored, the Tamago is pumpkin, and then Uni has melon and mascaraone cheese. All are wrapped in seaweed.

None of these should be that surprising. Japan is world renown for their extensive flavors of Kit Kats. Like these: 

via Pinterest

Check them out:

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This Bathroom is a Design Nightmare


We've all had to use bathrooms where you had to put one had on the stall door or had your friend make sure no one goes in, but not in this one. Your defenses are useless against this bad boy, so get ready to poop in front everyone. 

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Legendary Teen Fulfills Bucket List Wish of Tasering a Cop, Says It Was "Awesome"

win teen tases cop for bucket list

Everyone’s got a bucket list, and it’s assumed that on every list, somewhere, there’s an entry about using a taser on someone. Very few get to fulfill this wish, but one Ohio teen did.

16-year-old Alyssa Elkins, a teen battling leukemia, wanted to use a stun gun on someone, and the Newark, Ohio police department helped her dream come true. Alyssa got to tase Sgt. Doug Bline as a crowd of supporters watched. “Bline winced and fell onto a mat, guided by spotters,” writes Newsday.”


Alyssa said the experience was “awesome.”

“I'm very grateful that people would put themselves out there to allow me to do that to them,” she said.

Alyssa is great. The world needs more Alyssas.

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