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  from Kyle Phillips
I know, technically it hasn't arrived, but last week gave us a good taste of things to come, with temperatures in the sticky 90s F (40s for the rest of us). Yesterday was nice but cooler, good weather for going to the zoo, which Daughter C and I did with a friend of hers, and today was downright chilly -- 50s F and rain. Lots of it, and not having to water (or be able to weed) was very nice indeed.

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Start with a Costoletta...
Costolette are chops (the word costola means rib), and are one of the quickest and easiest things to grill. Since I find that once I start grilling I'm happy to...read more

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We're well into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere -- seems like summer in Tuscany, actually -- and throughout the countryside the bees are making the honey that beekeepers will soon...read more

When the heat returns....
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Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
That is not an unreasonable ask or an ignoble desire. Pakistan and India are two of the world's most densely populated countries with almost 25 percent of ...
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Sunday Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
Tail-enders in the top six wasn't ignoble, in the circumstances. Beating Hearts at Tynecastle never goes amiss. Draws against the Old Firm, confounding all ...
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Bob Bestler | Journalism hero keeps enlightening
Myrtle Beach Sun News - Myrtle Beach,SC,USA
It was a terrible, ignoble ending for a man I and many other young journalists had long admired and respected. In 1969, as a new reporter at The Charlotte ...
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Daily Mail
BEN LAURANCE COMMENT: Be hopeful, but be wary, too
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And even if the banks are now patched up and in the land of the living (with the ignoble exceptions of Lehman and sundry Icelandic institutions), ...
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Movie review: 'Drag Me To Hell' delivers scary fun
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In fact, she can be rather ignoble, as her kitty is about to find out. Yet, Lohman manages to make her a likeable enough heroine that you're willing to root ...
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Yet they didn't flinch from honouring films that in many cases presented women in ignoble circumstances. Which suggests that the situation isn't likely to ...
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Manny Ramirez's All-Star credo should be: "If I've been 'roidin ...
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The All-Star Game has a long and ignoble history of voting fiascos. Heck, the vote was even taken away from the fans by commissioner Ford Frick in 1957 ...
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Why So Few Care About the European Parliament Elections
That would preserve an ignoble pattern: turnout has fallen at each successive direct election to the Parliament, from 63% 30 years ago to 45% in 2004. ...
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Saturday, May 30, 2009. 11:59 PM. Feeling the stress. I'm not getting a panic attack, probably, and no mental blocks during the paper. MT O. Haiz. Rather saddening. Going to study tomorrow with Michael. Hope it's a fruitful one. ...
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Verbosities: Educational the fact Fun | educational psychology
By educationalpsychology
I wanted to seea ignoble brainpower and that's what I old saying. clumsily denigrating I don't demand big swivel too revealing me that I can't woo a ignoble brainpower." clumsily I loved that duplicate. ...
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nym_aulth: Hetalia Meme stuff....
By nym_aulth
Hetalia Meme stuff.... Just for fun....I did one of the Hetalia memes that has been floating around LJ recently. ► North Italy (Vargas Feliciano) [ ] You were bullied a lot in your childhood. [ ] You adore pasta, pizza, cheese, ...
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Barron's GRE Word List (Vocabulary) Test Prep- Letter I | GRE Test ...
Not to mention an ignoble deed. ignominy deep disgrace; shame or dishonor; ADJ. ignominious;. She lowered her head in ignominy. illicit illegal. They supplied cocaine illicitly. illimitable infinite; limitless ...
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sexuality test » Blog Archive » Bullies conducting a ignoble ...
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sexuality test Just another Mon.vipublog.com weblog.
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The IgNoble Experiment a.k.a. Live Dangerously Nissan
skip to main | skip to sidebar. The IgNoble Experiment a.k.a. Live Dangerously. Thursday May 28 2009. Nissan. Five years. It's been exactly five years since ...
sixwordstories Work ennoblesId rather be ignoble
Work ennobles. Id rather be ignoble. Post a new comment. About. Contact · Advertise · Jobs · Site News · More. Help. Support FAQs · Safety Tips ...

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