Specialty brands are winning the holiday social conversation

Facebook positions its video ads as alternative to TV | Why brands should be investing in social media | Why video bloggers, brands need to tread carefully
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December 4, 2015
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The Big Story
Facebook positions its video ads as alternative to TV
IFA Home Electronics Fair Opens to Public
(Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)
Facebook is chasing TV advertising dollars by offering video ads "using target rating point as the metric." The company is also teaming with Nielsen to measure and check that the ads reach the target audience on both the social platform and television. Nielsen research has revealed that when advertisers purchase TV and Facebook ads together they get a 19% jump in targeted reach compared to TV alone and a 37% spike in millennial reach.
The Motley Fool (12/3) 
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50+ Terms Every Data-Driven Marketer Should Know
Are you a data-driven marketer that's determined to keep pace with the latest lingo and cryptic acronyms? Think relying on a search engine for definitions is risky business? This glossary was designed for you. It has over 50 of the industry's hottest terms in martech and it's waiting for you. Get the glossary and shed light on marketing-speak darkness.
Connecting & Collaborating
Why brands should be investing in social media
Nearly two-thirds of adults use social media, and this article describes the marketing advantages of using social media to reach them. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have been improving and pitching their mobile video ad products. "[T]he skyrocketing growth of mobile video makes those social media apps a very attractive venue for marketers looking to find a specific target audience," David Kirkpatrick writes.
Marketing Dive (12/3) 
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Why video bloggers, brands need to tread carefully
Video bloggers and brands need to be careful that they don't alienate their young viewers who are beginning to get wise to the fact that some of their messaging is advertising. "Keep the editorial to a high quality and always the first priority, into which promotional messages can be occasionally added, and they will do alright," Sean Hargrave writes.
MediaPost Communications (12/3) 
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A smart marketer's guide to great calls to action
What's the best button color? What copy gets more clicks? In this guide, you'll learn how the right button color, copy, shape and placement can skyrocket your click rates. Get the guide now!
Marketer Moments
The anatomy of a viral video
An instructional video focused on calming a crying baby generated almost 2.5 million views in three days. The video of Dr. Robert Hamilton at work features several key factors for going viral: The core message is simple, you know what you'll learn before watching, the lesson strikes a chord with parents the world over, and the presenter is an expert in his field.
MedCityNews.com (12/2) 
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The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn
The one-stop shop for everything a sophisticated marketer needs to know about getting the most value from LinkedIn for themselves and their company. It's not an instruction manual, but more of a strategic guide full of interviews and tips from marketing thought leaders combined with expert insights from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team. Get the guide!
Platform News
Facebook, Instagram a big hit at Corona Capital music fest
(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
Facebook and Instagram joined bands such as Muse and The Pixies at the Corona Capital music festival in Mexico City. Consumers could live stream certain acts via Live for Facebook Mentions, the media could broadcast from the Facebook Room, and artists could post photos onto Instagram in the Infinity Room.
Adweek (12/1) 
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Advance Your Career Through Enhanced Communication
Build the communication skills needed to excel in your career. The University of Miami offers a Master's degree in Communication Studies. This online program helps you develop the strong oral and written communication skills that will pave the way for growth and interpersonal development. Visit miami.edu/online or call 800.411.2290 to find out more.
Measurement Matters
Specialty brands are winning the holiday social conversation
Specialist brands winning social conversation this holiday
(Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)
Nordstrom, Macy's and Sephora top the social media engagement charts so far this holiday season, with Kohl's and Amazon coming next with much lower scores, according to Shareablee Social Scorecard. "What really stood out to us this year is the rise of the specialty store, and not so much the mass marketers," said Shareablee's Tania Yuki.
MediaPost Communications/Marketing Daily (12/3) 
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Why The Consumer Path to Purchase Is More Mobile Than Ever
Download the new xAd 2015 U.S. Mobile Path to Purchase report that Street Fight Editor Noah Elkin calls "a reliable barometer of the evolving, increasingly serpentine customer journey." This year's report reveals how mobile has surpassed desktop as the "most important tool" for purchase research. Get more insights by downloading the report now.
Social Shareable
Canadian pleads turtle-y guilty in smuggling case
A Canadian man has admitted attempting to smuggle turtles out of the US by taping them to his legs. The man was caught in 2014 with 51 live reptiles inside his pants, and he pleaded guilty Tuesday to smuggling more than total of 1,600 turtles across the border during 2014.
Reuters (12/4) 
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[W]hen a company is performing well in social activity, it's got digital prowess, and they are setting themselves up to succeed in e-commerce.
Shareablee's Tania Yuki, as quoted by MediaPost Communications/Marketing Daily
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 Andy Sernovitz, Editor at Large
Andy Sernovitz is the New York Times best-selling author of "Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking" and the blog "Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That!" He runs WordofMouth.org, where marketers and entrepreneurs learn to be great at word of mouth marketing, and SocialMedia.org, the community for social media leaders at the world's greatest brands.
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