What you should know about the new brand of telecasts - VERY interesting!


 Note From Pat Carrington


Well! I didn't expect to be doing the research I just did by consulting several professionals who are expert in the technology of online presentations -- but I ended up doing so and I want to share with you what I discovered.

As I promised I was going to do, I attended the free Livestream online event centering around tapping for success which was hosted by Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner last Thursday. I watched the entire three-hour telecast. which by the way was impressive because of its professionalism and the EFT expertise that was displayed - a truly useful and informative presentation - and as a result I decided to look into Livestream technology more closely.


This is a lesson in the history of technology.

I had listened before to more than a few Livestream presentations -and by the way, for those of you who don't know what a Livestream presentation is, it indicates that the videotaping occurs in "real time" as you listen and watch, although of course it is recorded for replay later. For reasons that are hard for me to understand as a non-engineer, this is an extremely precise and delicate new technology that is not yet perfected and has a large margin for error.

A couple of months ago I listened to a Livestream presentation that was six hours long and I was shocked by the primitiveness of THAT Livestream. What happened was that the hostess of the show would periodically "freeze" on the screen and her stationary image would even quiver as it remained frozen! She would sometimes remain immobile (and at such points we did not hear the any sound either) for 10 or 15 minutes at a time and then the Livestream would pick up again so I could view it. This happened so frequently that it all but ruined her telecast!

Fortunately, however, "freezes" occurred in the Canfield-Bruner presentation infrequently and fell well within the normal range for such minor glitches, and they certainly did not harm this valuable presentation in any way. However, the experience did remind me of the pitfalls of the new Livestream technology and I decided to look into the whole matter more deeply and see what's going on and I'm going to give you the information now that I unearthed.


A bit like  a Model T Ford?

I consider Livestream, at this point in history, to be a little bit like the model T Ford was during the first days of automobiles. It is a very early version of what is likely to someday be a very smooth and perhaps major technology. Today however, in order to get top-level transmission for such shows is not easy

Let me say though that there are some distinct advantages to Livestream video versus ordinary video. The main one is the fact that you are watching the event as it occurs and you can therefore participate in the presentation by submitting your questions and comments in the box provided on your screen. This allows the host of the show to answer your questions immediately with a very lively and interactive interchange. Sometimes the actual physical audience is being photographed as well which gives a very realistic and participative tone to the entire teleconference.

However, as I just pointed out, there may be some strange disadvantages to this technology the early time through. The main disadvantage I have already mentioned - the screen figures can become periodically frozen in space so to speak and you will also miss what they are saying in real time during the freeze.


Why does this happen?

I am told that one reason for this is that it is impossible to predict beforehand how much bandwidth is going to be needed for a Livestream because the number of people attending it cannot be known in advance. Attendance figures are apparently a crucial factor in determining the program's vulnerability to "freeze". The more viewers the more difficult it is to have an uninterrupted telecast. In the Canfield-Bruner program on Thursday about 40,000 people were watching online and it is very surprising to me that they were able to achieve the degree of excellence in their transmission that they did!


In most instances the REPLAYS of Livestream telecasts do NOT have this flaw -"freezes" seldom occur during the replays - which is going to make the replay of the Canfield-Bruner telecast tomorrow a joy to all who attend.

That replay will be aired tomorrow, Sunday, April 1 at 2 PM Eastern time, and the same advantage (smooth transmission) will apply to the replay which will be available on Wednesday, April 4 at 8 PM in the evening (with the latter available for 48 hours after that).

And you can register for either of them now by going now to https://myse.infusionsoft.com/go/tus/patrc/

The fact that the replays will presumably be flawless  makes them of great interest to those who heard the Canfield-Bruner telecast but might have been a bit frustrated the first time through.

Why You Need To Know About Livestream  Today

I'm going into this in great detail because you're going to be seeing more and more Livestream programs in the near future and, since the technology has not yet been perfected, you will have to deal with their somewhat erratic ways. The best advice I've received yet is to just shut down your browser if a "freeze" occurs, close any other applications that are using the Internet, and then open your browser again. The engineers tell me will usually help and sometimes completely fix all issues.

In the case of the Canfield-Bruner telecast, I've been informed that their system defaults to the highest quality stream. If you lower the quality it is said  to help or clear the problem altogether, but there is a trade off - while it may well stop the freeze, I understand you sometimes can't see the figures on the screen well anymore.

Let me say though that despite the minor difficulties that I encountered in watching the live Canfield-Bruner presentation, it was excellently done and very informative. It transmitted expertly the EFT knowledge and skills with a deft handling of problems around the core issue, which was achieving success in your life using EFT. I consider it well worth watching if the subject of applying EFT to achieving success is of interest to you.

To reserve your place go to: https://myse.infusionsoft.com/go/tus/patrc/



I just learned today that an "Easy Pay" plan, which will make it much easier for people who really want to benefit from this program while staying within their budget to buy it, will be announced on Monday, April 2 and that you can obtain that information by going to: https://myse.infusionsoft.com/go/tus/patrc/ and signing up for the free replay.

The second PLUS is that a 30 minute Question and Answer session with Jack and Pamela has been added to the program to answer questions raised by those who attended the live telecast last Thursday. All those who listened before as well as all those who sign up now, will now be able to hear it. Just go to:  https://myse.infusionsoft.com/go/tus/patrc/

I hope the information I've assembled here will help you adjust to the new strides in technology which Livestream productions will be bringing to us.. and help you weather their growing pains.

With best wishes,




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