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10 Tech Resolutions for 2012

Happy New Year!

Dear ignoble.experiment@arconati.us,

2012 is finally here and you're probably thinking of some new resolutions for this year.

Well, we've come up with 10 Resolutions for your Home PC and Electronics. Keep reading...



"Back up all your files!"

Okay, I realize you've probably first heard this back in the 80s.
But you really do need to back up all your files. Frankly, the
most popular way to back up all your photos, files, videos, and
data is to back it up to an external hard drive. It's fast and
easy to do. And we've got a huge selection of external hard
drives...up to 6 terabytes of storage.

Shop now at:



"Add Internet Streaming to your HDTV!"

So you have an HDTV, but it doesn't have any of the cool Internet
content of the new HDTVs. Don't worry. Just add a Logitech
Google TV box. It connects to your WiFi network to provide
instant streaming of videos, music, web apps, and even full
web browsing on your TV.

Learn more about the Logitech Google TV at:



"Upgrade your old WiFi Router!"

Your old WiFi Router is not as fast as a modern 300Mbps WiFi "N"
Router. Make it a point to speed up your daily life with a much
better, more reliable, and far faster modern router.

Shop our selection of WiFi N Routers at:



"Boost your WiFi signal with a WiFi Repeater!"

It happened to me. There was a section of the house that simply couldn't get
WiFi reception...That's until I added a WiFi Range Extender. These are
quickly installed. Set it one time and forget it.

Shop our selection of WiFi Range Extenders at:



"Take Pictures Like a Pro!"

- Grab a Canon Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera...Now just $429.99

- ...or shop our huge selection of Digital SLR Cameras.



"Maximize your PC's Performance with more memory!"

- Add 4 gigabytes of performance Kingston DDR3 Memory...just $19.99

- ...or shop our huge selection of PC and Laptop memory.



"Work faster wherever you go with a Core i7 Laptop!"

- Get ultimate performance from the Asus Core i7 Notebook with a whopping 12 gigs of
RAM, 500 gig hard drive, blu-ray player, and 17.3" display...

- ...or shop one of the largest selections of laptops in the world!



"See more with a BIG 27" Monitor!"

- Get a gorgeous 27" LED Samsung Monitor Valued at $800 for just $449.99.

- ...or choose from 100s of monitors starting under $70.



"Get rid of the cables on your desk!"

- That means it's way past time for you to get a wireless keyboard and mouse.
Grab this Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo for just $9.99.

- ...or choose from dozens of keyboards and mice in stock and ready to ship!



"Finally get a Tablet for yourself!"

- You know you want one. Make 2012 the year you grab a tablet for yourself.
Take a look at the popular Samsung Galaxy 7" Tablet with Android 3.2.

- ...or choose from dozens of the most popular Tablets amd eReaders available anywhere.


From all of us at Tiger Direct.com, we wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy, and
Prosperous New Year!

Deal Alert Team


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Friend --

We're just a few hours from 2012 and our deadline.

If you're out celebrating and away from your computer, you should know that we've made it incredibly easy for you -- or anyone you're with -- to make a donation from your mobile device.

Give it a shot before midnight local time:


Happy New Year,

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Celebrate 2012 with 20% off AND get entered in our Holiday Giveaway!

Happy New Year from everyone at Flatlandfuel! To celebrate the New Year and give you one last chance to get entered in our Holiday Giveaway we are doing a 2 day sale called 20 and 12. You will receive a 20% discount if you use coupon code "20off12" and are spending $200 or more. You will save 12% if you use the coupon code "12off12" with no minimum. 20 and 12! Good through January 2nd. Be sure to check out our Holiday Giveaway below to see the amazing prizes we are giving away on January 3rd!

Every year we do a big giveaway contest as a way to spread cheer and say thanks to our customers. Many of our suppliers generously hook us up with a bunch of free parts to give too you at no charge. How does it work? Every order placed from Thanksgiving until January 1st gets you entered into the giveaway. It is that simple. Multiple orders will receive multiple entries as well! We will group the prizes into various prize packs and give them away right after New Years. Thank you to all of our sponsors: Odyssey/Flatware, DK Bicycles, Matt Wilhelm, Primo, S&M, Profile, Quamen, Deco, Zodiac Engineering, Animal, Suelo/QBP, Thomson and Hoffman Bikes.


20 Different prize packs will be given away! Here is a what you can win:


1) DK Opsis Complete Bike
2) Odyssey Flatware Waltz Frame, Flatware Bayou Bar, Flatware Stem, Primo Integrated Headset, DK Random Wrench, DK Shuko Grips, Zodiac Engineering Sprocket
3) Hoffman Strowler Frame, Flatware Stem, Primo Integrated Headset, DK Random Wrench, DK SHuko Grips, Zodiac Engineering Sprocket
4) S&M Redneck FLT Sem, S&M Intrikat Handlebar, DK Random Wrench, DK Tsuka Grips, Quamen T Shirt, Zodiac Engineering Sprocket
5) Fenix Handlebar, Suelo V3 Stem, Quamen T shirt, DK Tsuka Grips, Ground Rules DVD, Zodiac Engineering Sprocket
6) Fenix Handlebar, Suelo V3 Stem, Quamen T Shirt, Ground Rules DVD, DK Shuko Grips, Zodiac Engineering Sprocket
7) Quamen Barkleys Handlebar, Quamen High Neck Stem, Quamen T Shirt, Hoffman Sprocket, Ground Rules DVD, DK Tsuka Grips
8) Profile No Boss Crankset and Spline Drive Sprocket, Primo Stricker Pedals, Flatware Grips, Quamen T Shirt, Ground Rules DVD, Hoffman Barends, Suelo Tubo Grips
9) Profile No Boss Crankset and Spline Drive Spindle, S&M T shirt, Ground Rules DVD, Primo Stricker Pedals, Flatware Grips, Hoffman barends
10) A pair of Suelo Tires, Tree Balsa Pegs, S&M T shirt, Animal hat, Flatware grips, Hoffman barends, Zodiac Engineering Sprocket
11) Tree Balsa Pegs, KHE Prismatic Seatpost and Watanabe seat, S&M T shirt, Animal Hat, KHE Shola Grips, Zodiac Engineering Sprocket and Headset Cap, Flatware Grips and Hoffman Barends
12) KHE Prismatic Seatpost and Watanabe Seat, KHE Shola Grips, Hoffman Barends, Suelo Tubo Grips, Zodiac Engineering Headset Cap and Sprocket, Animal DVD, Hoffman T Shirt
13) Thomson Seatpost and Stem, KHE Premium Flatland Tire and Shola Grips, Animal DVD, Hoffman bar ends and T shirt, Zodiac sprocket and headset cap, Suelo Tubo grips
14) Thomson Seatpost and Stem, Primo Grips, KHE Premium Flatland Tire and Shola Grips, Zodiac Sprocket and headset cap, Hoffman Barends and T shirt
15) Colony Deja Vu Handlebar, KHE Premium Flatland Tire, Zodiac Headset Cap, Primo Stricker Pedals and Grips, Hoffman bar ends and T shirt, Suelo Tubo Grips
16) Colony Deja Vu Handlebar, Suelo Seatpost, KHE Premium Flatland Tire, Primo Pivotal Seatpost and Stricker Pedals, Hoffman Sprocket/T-shirt/Barends, Zodiac Headset Cap, Primo Grips
17) Primo Hollowbite Crankset/Stricker Pedals/Grips, Hoffman sprocket/barends/t-shirt, Zodiac Headset Cap, Suelo Tubo Grips
18) Suelo Pegs, Profile Nano Imperial Sprocket, Animal DVD and T shirt, Hoffman Barends and T shirt, Primo Stricker Pedals and Grips, Zodiac Headset Cap
19) Suelo Pegs, 2 Primo Comet Tire, Profile Nano Imperial Sprocket, Primo Stricker Pedals and Grips, Animal T shirt, Zodiac Headset cap, Hoffman Barends
20) 2 Primo Comet Tires, Profile Nano Imperial Sprocket, Primo Stricker Pedals, Animal T shirt, Zodiac Headset Cap, Suelo Tubo Grips, Hoffman Barends

Remember, the contest does not end at Christmas. It ends on January 2nd. So you can still get entered after Christmas. Prizes are not exchangeable and are subject to change. If you do not want or need what you win please give it away to someone else. Spread the good will. Remember if you live outside the United States that taxes and duty are the responsibility of the winners. We will pay the shipping. Good luck!


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Flatlandfuel.com | 2611 Sunset Rd. | Des Moines | IA | 50321

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Search Engine Guide - Will Google be your new credit card?

Search Engine Guide

December 31, 2011

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Mike Moran

Will Google be your new credit card?

by Mike Moran

Mastercard and VISA certainly hope not, but Larry Page wants to be in your wallet. Well, not exactly--he wants to replace your wallet. Last month, when I talked about Google's new strategy--we do everything--I mentioned that Google is working hard to unseat PayPal, the online payments leader, but I think that I undersold Google's ambitions. Google wants to be the leading form of payments anywhere, not just online.

$100 in FREE Text Link Ads!

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1. A Free Link Buying Guide

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Stoney deGeyter

Forget the Sale. Focus on the Customer

by Stoney deGeyter

There are a lot of phases to the buying cycle. Searchers begin with a thought and then start researching answers via their favorite search engine. As they learn more about their query, they move into shopping and buying modes that hopefully lead them to a satisfied purchase.

Mike Moran

Does your marketing have "readability"?

by Mike Moran

I don't know a lot about robotics, but I have read a few articles recently about the biggest problem that robot manufacturer have in entering the home. They need the robots to behave differently so that people know how to interact with robots. For example, if a robot needs to open a door, it moves to the door and then must scan the door to locate the doorknob, identify the kind of doorknob, and then begin moving its robotic arm to open the door. Sometimes it takes a little time to do all these things before starting to move its arm, which to a person looks like it is frozen. But when designers began having the robot move its head up and down while scanning, people realized what it was doing. Having robots signal what they are doing to watching people is called "readability," and it is important for your marketing as well.

Mike Moran

Compare your AdWords account to others--for free

by Mike Moran

Have you ever asked yourself whether you paid search program is all that it can be? Most of us suspect that we fall short in some areas, but who has the time to stay on top of every aspect of a Google AdWords account, on top of everything else we do all day? Or perhaps you want to check out what kind of job your agency is doing with all your paid search money. Well, WordStream has put together a scoring tool called AdWords Grader that tries to do exactly that--show you how your paid search campaign compares against everyone...

Free Report: 10 Commandments of Profitable AdWords Campaigns

Learn from the best, avoid common pitfalls, and get profitable fast.

Mike Fleming

How to Have a Lifetime of Happiness on Your Website

by Mike Fleming

You need to drastically rethink what it means to use data on the web. There is a lot of data, but there are fundamental barriers to making intelligent decisions. Clickstream data is great at the what, but not at the why. It's important to know what happened, but it is even more critical to know why people do the things they do on your site. And the what else, which is perhaps the most under appreciated data on the web...

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