Best Dude Ever Installed a Flamethrower in His Car When the Heat Broke and more...

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Life hack: If your car heater breaks, you can hook a propane tank up in your car. Fire is hot no matter where it's coming from. That's what this living legend from Baton Rouge did. He basically installed a flame thrower in his car to heat it because ...


Best Dude Ever Installed a Flamethrower in His Car When the Heat Broke and more...

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Best Dude Ever Installed a Flamethrower in His Car When the Heat Broke


Life hack: If your car heater breaks, you can hook a propane tank up in your car. Fire is hot no matter where it’s coming from.

That's what this living legend from Baton Rouge did. He basically installed a flame thrower in his car to heat it because shit isn't going to do itself.

via Gif Bay

The video description explains what’s going on here:

“It was a historically cold day in Baton Rouge. That morning it was much colder than it normally is here. A normal winter day was 40 degrees and that day it was about 15 or lower. But when you have work to do but your car has no heat the only thing you can do is be creative. I get to my car lot and noticed something peculiar at the lot. Fire in a car! So I walked up on the vehicle and it was really fire. I open the back door and there is a lit propane tank in the back of the car."

Please make this our national motto: “But when you have work to do but your car has no heat the only thing you can do is be creative.”

Don’t try this at home, but if you do, pack a fire extinguisher. This guy might be able to control fire, but the rest of us might not be so lucky.

via Reddit

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Least Chill Dude on Tinder Goes On Sexist Rant in His Profile, Spends Eternity Being Swiped Left


Boys, lets get something straight, being bitter and mean isn’t going get you any dates. I know you think it will, but it won’t.

Exhibit A: Gary.

Gary is a 22-year-old cook who appears to be quite the charmer. Look at him handle that creme brulee. Tight. Let's just check out his profile. 

Despite what Gary, thinks no one has ever said, “I’m a ‘special snowflake' who doesn't like being told that I have a ‘worn out disease-ridden vagina,’ but I love sushi and mini-golf. This is a real pickle. Well, as Meat Loaf said, ‘Two out of three ain’t bad.’ Swipe right.”

Vivian isn’t the only one to recognize this because, well, the Internet didn’t like Gary too much either.

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Russian Security Camera Captures This Dude's Crazy Neighbors in their Element


It starts with a hammer to the camera and goes from there.

No one wants to be filmed, least of all this dude’s neighbors. After putting a security camera outside of his apartment, he filmed the insanity that is his living situation. Watch people hitting the camera with hammers and canes to spray painting it to what appears to be a drunk man trying and failing to walk down the stairs on his hands. He was so close. So close.

Watch and feel grateful that this isn’t your apartment. Unless it is, in which case, sorry!

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Watch This Lady Pass Out In a Jet Hitting 8Gs and Come To Headbanging


Do you have the right stuff? Probably not. Like six people have the right stuff.

This lady, however, has the right stuff. She wanted to see what 8Gs felt like, and, apparently, it feels like totally passing out. Imagine passing out in a jet and coming to in a jet. The grip this woman has on reality is incredible. I would be out. Eject. This would be me:

via Popular Mechanics

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Oakland Raiders File to Move to Las Vegas, and the Twitter Reactions Rollin in Are Golden

news,sports,nfl,Oakland Raiders,reactions,football,fans,funny

In light of a big move like this, you can count on the reactions from the rabid, outspoken leatherheads of this fine world to be equal parts pleasant, distasteful, and most definitely ridiculous. I've gotta place my bets here on 'Sin City Raiders' taking a serious run at that as their preferred, new official namesake. I mean, come on that shit's a royal flush.

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These 25 Comics About Dating Will Take You on a Forever Alone Feels Trip

forever alone,feels,relatable,feels trip,dating,web comics

Shoutout to all my lonesome dudes in arms that find themselves unspoken for, on the market, single, looking, whatever. Shit sucks sometimes. At least we can seek temporary solace in the Internet...or you know, just wallow in a pit of self-despair in the company of some web comics that only further awaken the forever alone restlessness. Or not. Maybe you enjoy the single life. Hell, I do sometimes. Either way, buckle up for a solid feels trip.

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Real-Life Superhero Added Trump Quotes to Famous Comic Book Covers and POW! They're Great

win-list-unquotable trump puts trump in classic comics

Up in the sky! It’s Bird! It’s a plane! It’s, oh, Donald Trump.

The Tumblr “The Unquotable Trump” is in the repurposing Trump game. While people like Mark Hamill have had their comic book fun reading quotes of that reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency last year, this Tumblr sees Trump in the funny pages.

In “The Unquotable Trump,” Artist R. Sikoryak takes things that Trump actually says and recreates some classic Wonder Woman, Black Panther, and Captain America covers with Trump getting in the mix. These re-imaginings of classic comics are amazing. ‘Nuff said. Check ‘em out.




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10 Times Women Made the Act of Eating Food Amazing, and Sent Blood Rushing to Funny Places

food,beautiful women,sexy,women,win

I get it. We're really going out there on a limb here with what usually constitutes the WIN kind of content, but people...this little gallery right here is a reflection (albeit unrealistic, cause how many of these ladies actually scarfed down the junk food after the shot was taken) of WIN-worthy food enjoyment. Burgers and pizzas already looked great without the guest stars, so color me confident in saying these pairings definitely boded well with the tastebuds.

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Watch This WWII Vet Shut Down a Reporter Who Tried to Explain WWII to Him

twitter,world war 2,troll

via Reddit

Certain people just know more.

If you have a question about food, ask a chef. Want to know about space, listen to an astronaut. And when a WWII makes an analogy to WWII, assume they know what they’re talking about.

Someone should’ve told Politico reporter Eric Gellar, who decided to correct Former Congressman and World War II veteran John Dingell.

Comparing Trump’s cabinet picks to kamikaze pilots on Twitter, Dingell was making a fairly clear observation when Gellar decided to peak his history-splainin’ head in the mix. Well, the exchange did not go well as Gellar went down like an Axis plane in a dogfight.

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Guy Ignites Cringefest When He Forgets He Already Slept With Tinder Match, and She Expectedly Trolls the Shit Out of Him


By all accounts this is a cringefest, and at least we can grab our comedic relief in the girl's ability to troll the ever living shit out of her blatantly oblivious Tinder dude match. It's one thing to forget a name in the throes of passion, or hell even the night after, but to forget the face of the person you shacked up with? Clearly we're dealing with a situation where the guy likely rolled through 'Blackout Station'. Take it easier on the drink next time, bro.

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People Inspired and Devastated Alike, Hatch Up Donald Trump-Inspired Inauguration Day Drinking Games

drinking,donald trump,askreddit,election 2016,election,drinking games,politics

Read the label closely on this bottled up thread of booze-minded, politically-fueled goodness: many of these games are guaranteed to give your tolerance for the alcohol a solid run, all the while pulverizing your liver. And hey, maybe that's exactly what some of us find ourselves hopelessly looking for as we stare out at the abyss of what some might call the 'death of the American Dream', while others see hope and promise. I don't know. Let's hoist a glass either way and enjoy the circus.

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Dude's Mom Has No Idea How to Use Twitter in the Best Way Possible

mom doesn't know how to use twitter nothing

Everyone’s opened up Twitter and stared at that blank page that reads “What’s happening?”

That’s a good question. What is happening? For some people what comes next is natural, you type a joke, an idea, and opinion. Whatever.

For one dude’s mom, she answered honestly, leading to one of the best Twitter fails ever:

What did she mean by "Nothing." Her son explains:

Mom, you're the best. Keep tweetin'. 

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This Thirsty Tinder Babe Proves That Sometimes Working at McDonald's Pays Off

tinder,sexual humor,funny,win,dating

Turns out that there are some people out there who really get going at the thought of a good Happy Meal and can't resist a good drive thru.

Well, we can't say for sure that stranger things have happened.

All we know is this lucky guy said that he worked at McDonald's on his Tinder profile, and just like that McDonald's cup from a few months back, it made this tinder queen want to give him the warmest of greetings.

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This Dude Failed to Call "Shotgun" So Now He's the Bumper

gif of man holding tire as bumper

The rules of cars. 

1) Call "Shotgun"
2) Get "Shotgun"
3) If you're not shotgun, you're the bumper.
4) Keep it down back there (or I'll turn this car around)

Move along, just Russia being Russia

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Smart Guy Gives a Great Answer to an Easy Jeopardy Question… Did I Say "Great," I Meant Really, Really Stupid


There is exactly one famous hockey player. Two if you count Gordon Bombay from The Might Ducks. And that player is Wayne Gretzky.

So when you’re on Jeopardy, and Alex Trebek asks a question about hockey, don’t answer with players form other sports because that's probably wrong. Nay, that's definitely wrong. Let this video be a lesson to you.


Submitted by: (via Inspiration war)

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Steve Carell Goes Full Michael Scott and Trolls Twitter With "The Office" Come Back Tweet

steve carell trolls twitter with office comeback

Two things people learn at a young age: Don’t yell fire in a crowded theater, and don’t claim that The Office is coming back on Twitter.

Steve Carell should know better.

For some reason, yesterday afternoon, he caused everyone on Twitter to do a double take, when he tweeted this:


Carell got more RTs than Trump saying he just saw a Lunesta commercial and would NOT be asking his doctor about it. That man likes his late-night tweeting.

Of course, this was not true — neither The Office news nor the Trump Lunesta tweet. It was just a crummy commercial for the Will & Grace 10-episode revival:


via Wow Christina

via Reddit

So everything’s bad now, including Steve Carell.

Submitted by: (via Buzzfeed)


Site Specifically Tailored for Single Trump Supporters Wants to Make Dating Great Again

news,donald trump,election 2016,dating site,politics

Just when I thought I'd seen it all with dating apps, this shit comes to fruition: a dating service intended for likeminded, single Trump supporters ready to swipe right on making dating great again. At least we've a venue that can act as a beacon for the lost, single souls out there bonded through their shared respect, potential adoration for the tangerine-skinned, golden-haired Prez Elect---DJ Trump. "What are your thoughts on the Wall?" Solid conversation starter material right there.

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Guy Casually Sets Twitter Aflame With Rage After Tweeting Ridiculously Dumb 'Maths Problem'

math problem,twitter,FAIL,reactions,struggle is real,math,funny

Before anyone comes to this mathematically challenged mouth-breather's defense, I want, no I need to be the first to say that I too grappled with the numbers game on a very, infuriatingly regular basis. Struggled hard, dude. Not this extreme, but enough to guarantee I'd carve something of a living wrestling the blank page with the written word instead of anything remotely inclusive of the numbers. So this dude has my sympathies, but let's revel in the glaring FAIL.

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These Celebrities Impersonate Each Other on the Graham Norton Show With Consistently Hilarious, Occasional Accuracy


The personal favorite, obligatory shoutout immediately goes to my man Benedict Cumberbatch. The dude brings it home with his Jar Jar Binks impersonation at the beginning, and manages to set the stage for what's truly a kickass laugh riot. 

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GQ Declares Gigantic-Legged JNCO Jeans Are Back Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore


For some reason, GQ magazine has declared that JNCOs are back as a way to tell us that men sometimes prefer wide-legged jeans. This hyperbole was somewhat lost on the internet, who proceeded to take them at face value and had a pretty good time at it.

Look, I’m not made of steel, I’ll enjoy a good JNCO roasting. But please, this isn’t an endorsement of JNCOs. If you are wearing JNCOs, remove them immediately because your friends are definitely making fun of you. This Twitter list took a PSA turn real quick.

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Trump's 2020-Election Slogan Borrows From aThe Purge

trump steal purge slogan keep america great

And we spiral toward The Purge faster than expected.

“Make America Great Again,” the slogan Donald Trump took from a Ronald Reagan pin, set the tone for election 2016, a world with no answers and plenty of confusion.

via Wikipedia

Adding to the list of borrowed slogans in that reality-TV gameshow host took from a scary source: The Purge

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump announced that his next election slogan would be “Keep America Great,” which, wouldn’t you know it, is the same tagline as The Purge: Election Year.

What does this mean? That 2020 is going to look a lot like The Purge? If Trump’s getting his slogans from the film series about a world where all crime is legal for one night, who knows what else he’s picking up on.


Submitted by: (via The Verge)


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