First issue of Nature Astronomy now live!

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Nature Astronomy
First issue now published!

The first issue of Nature Astronomy is now published and is free to view online for a limited time.
Explore what the launch issue has to offer:

Letter: The case for electron re-acceleration at galaxy cluster shocks

Multi-wavelength data from a cluster–cluster merger reveals that relativistic electrons ejected from near an actively accreting black hole are efficiently re-accelerated at a cluster shock to produce characteristically diffuse radio emission.

Mission control: Super Bowl

Following the completion of the largest single-dish radio telescope ever built, the real work may now begin.

Comment: Astrophysical Russian dolls

Scientists are comfortable in their own communities but other groups working on similar phenomena at different length scales could provide unexpected insights. Collaborations are more likely to uncover common underlying principles.

Book review: The Glass Universe by David Sobel

An overview of some pivotal open questions on planetary formation and evolution from solar system exploration, with water as the underlying common theme, and how the planetary and exoplanetary communities can help each other in solving them.      
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