So Easy, Your Kid Could Do It

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

So Easy, Your Kid Could Do It

If I'd told you a couple years ago that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States of America, would you have laughed?
I know I would have.
Heck, even a couple months ago it seemed unlikely.
But here we are, and there he is... The 45th president of the United States.
As you're well aware, he has plans to "make America great again"... but what exactly does this mean for the financial markets, the economy and your portfolio in particular?
Well, Trump's promises to cut tax rates, reduce government regulation and spend $1 trillion on infrastructure should certainly get the economy moving again...
And thanks to the massive infrastructure spending that's been promised, steel, iron ore, copper, zinc and cement should all be affected.
But as for your portfolio... one thing remains true...
Dividends are possibly the easiest and most reliable way for you to get rich in the markets today - regardless of who is president.
Admittedly, this is true only if you can stock your portfolio with "Dividend Aristocrats" - the companies that not only pay, but consistently raise dividends.
And of course, you must avoid those that are likely to cut or eliminate their dividends.
That's why I'm writing you today.
The Oxford Club has a unique tool that I'd like to tell you about...
It's a tool that can tell you - for roughly 1,000 publicly traded dividend stocks - how likely the stock is to cut its dividend payout... giving you an improved ability to avoid losses and continue safely growing your income.
Company A has been paying its dividend consistently for 20 years, so you buy in. Everything is great for a few months, but suddenly the dividend is slashed in half - without warning.
The resulting massive sell-off crushes not only your income, but also your portfolio.
With our proprietary tool, you can now avoid this disaster altogether...
This is exactly what happened to reader Ron L., who dropped me a note to let me know he "got out in time."
I'd like to tell you all about this tool and show you how you can benefit immediately from putting it to use starting today.
P.S. This tool is so quick and easy to use, your kid could do it for you (though I don't recommend it). Click here and see for yourself...

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