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Welcome to Manward Digest! You're on Your Way to a Richer Life.

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This email confirms your subscription to Manward Digest. Congratulations. You’re on your way to becoming a richer, more fulfilled person.

As a special benefit, here is a link to our free report, “Top Three Stocks Every Man Must Own.

When I first launched Manward Press, the intent was to be the premier publisher of ideas that would help men lead richer, more fulfilled lives. But a funny thing happened along the way. We picked up a slew of women readers.

Perhaps it’s because they, too, are searching for the notion of the ideal man.

We still direct our content mainly toward men. But we like to fondly say that we’re “feminist approved.” In fact, a good portion of our staff is of the fairer sex.

The core of Manward lies in a scientifically proven idea that we’ve dubbed the “Triad.” As the name implies, the Triad focuses on three crucial elements: Liberty, Know-How and Connections.  

When each piece of the Triad is fulfilled, men lead richer, happier lives. They are more successful. They are more confident. And they are more appealing (again, that may be why we have such a large female audience).

Each issue of Manward Digest focuses tightly on an idea within the Triad. One day we may be detailing how to pick a lock (know-how every man should have)...

The next we may take a look at why showing appreciation is vital (connections)...

Or we might dive into a hot stock and the idea of financial freedom (liberty).

Manward is not your typical men’s publisher. We’re not modern. We’re not stereotypical. And we’re certainly not politically correct.

But no need for me to go any deeper. You’ll see for yourself with your new subscription to Manward Digest.

And finally… in order to ensure you receive every issue we publish, please take 15 seconds right now to whitelist this email address by adding it to your address book. If you need instructions, please click here.

Welcome aboard, fella.

Andy Snyder
Founder, Manward Press





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