10 easy ways to cut calories

The Brief February 09, 2017
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10 Easy Ways to Cut Calories
These healthy eating tricks will help you avoid unnecessary calories all day long — without even realizing they're gone

LGBT Asylum Seekers Face Extra Anxiety Under Trump's Travel Ban
For LGBT immigrants from countries where homosexuality is criminalized, the fear of being deported is especially acute

Silicon Valley Thinks Politics Is Broken. So It's Building Apps
Silicon Valley executives think the 2016 elections shows American politics is broken, and now many firms are trying to use technology to fix it

Big Sean on His New Album and Why Working with Eminem Is an 'Honor'
Following the release of 'I Decided.', Big Sean discusses his new work, why he's trying to be vulnerable through his music and what it's really like to work with Eminem

Ted Cruz Congratulated a Woman With MS. Her Reaction: 'What Did He Just Say?'
Cruz told the woman: "Congratulations on dealing with M.S."

How These States Are Fighting to Protect Reproductive Rights
Amid uncertainty over the future of reproductive health care coverage in the U.S.

Watch These Courageous Penguins Cliff-Dive for Food in an Exclusive Clip From 'Planet Earth II'
For these penguins, getting a meal is a life-or-death endeavor

These Are the 7 Best Wireless Headphones Under $100
They all cost less than $100

The Fistfight Behind the Rule That Silenced Elizabeth Warren
The decision to prevent Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren from reading a letter by Coretta Scott King relied on a rule that dates to 1902. Here's the story behind the fistfight that led to the rule

11 Insanely Cool Job Perks You Wish Your Office Had
Let's start with the sabbaticals.

YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous On Her Documentary: 'It's a Raw Look Into My Life'
The documentary chronicles the transgender star's journey, from childhood to living life both as a YouTube star and a woman

Cat Marnell: Inside My Drug-Fueled Days as a Magazine Beauty Assistant
An excerpt from Cat Marnell's new memoir


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