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February 9, 2017

Hello, Knitters!

It's no secret that Kate Middleton has style. I don't know about you, but every time I see what she's wearing, I get seriously envious. How wonderful it must be to be royal!

Today, I've brought to you 19 patterns that just scream "Kate." From royal colors to classic contours, these knitting patterns are must-haves for all princesses-in-training. Take a look at this Kate Middleton Shawl, for example; royalty is just so ravishing!


19 Kate Middleton Patterns

  1. Crown of Cables
  2. Regal Braids Infinity Scarf -NEW
  3. King Charles Brocade
  4. Royalty Blanket
  5. Kate's Lounge Around Slippers -NEW
  6. Goddess Camino Sweater
  7. Darling Diana Frances Cowl -Beautiful!
  8. Kate Middleton Shawl
  9. Princess Diana Cowl -OMG
  10. Snow Princess Scarf
  1. Prince William Baby Blanket -Awww!
  2. Queen Anne's Lace Doily Afghan
  3. Kate's Designer Beanie
  4. Royal Baby Booties -So Easy!
  5. The Queen's Favorite Shawl
  6. Beverly Hills Cardigan -Editor's Pick!
  7. Classic Inaugural Cloche
  8. Ice Queen Scarf -Reader Favorite!
  9. Princess Charlotte Baby Bonnet

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Address the Mess

Easy Farmhouse Dishcloths
  1. Every Knitter's Favorite Basket
  2. Mini Two Hour Case
  3. The Best Way to Stay Organized This Year
  4. Golden Bow Glam Bag -For Your Notions!
  5. Charming Rustic Crate Yarn Shelves
  6. Easy Farmhouse Dishcloths
  7. I'm Making This Needle Case Right Now
  8. Scrap Bath Mat -Keep the Bathroom Clean!
  9. 17 Stashbusters and Organizers
On Your Mind
The Shawl On Your Mind
  1. The Hat On Your Mind
  2. The Afghan On Your Mind
  3. The Crafts On Your Mind
  4. The Poncho On Your Mind
  5. The Sweater On Your Mind
  6. The Cowl On Your Mind
  7. The Shawl On Your Mind
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Bright This Way

Mikado Yellow Cowl
  1. Desire Red Hat -Printable!
  2. Princeton Orange Scarf
  3. Mikado Yellow Cowl -Editor's Pick!
  4. Emerald Green Fingerless Gloves
  5. Keppel Cyan Shawl
  6. Ultramarine Blue Cowl -Stunning!
  7. Radiant Orchid Scarf
  8. Bright Pink Beanie

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Sweet, Simple & Stylish

Parisian Chic Rolled Hat
  1. True Blue Cowl
  2. Parisian Chic Rolled Hat -Printable!
  3. Caribbean Dreams Scarf
  4. Orange Sherbet Easy-Fit Hat
  5. Bamboo Beauty Cowl -Reader Favorite!
  6. Glistening Scarf
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