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February 10, 2017
Today's TV Recipe
Chocolate Mousse Cups

Chocolate Mousse Cups

One glimpse of this treat and your valentine will think you spent a bundle on ordering a gourmet dessert. These Chocolate Mousse Cups are extra decadent and super special. Plus, they're simple to make, thanks to the help of some small balloons!

Lovebird's Lasagna Rollups
XOXO Cheesecake Bites   Roasted Chicken Scampi
  1. Lovebirds' Lasagna Rollups - If both of you are fans of Italian dishes, like lasagna, then you'll love this easy version of lasagna rollups. This one is fun to put ...more
  2. XOXO Cheesecake Bites - If you want to guarantee that your Valentine's Day is going to include lots of hugs and kisses, make these XOXO Cheesecake Bites to ...more
  3. Roasted Chicken Scampi - Move over, shrimp scampi! There's a new scampi in town that's winning over hearts and taste buds: Roasted Chicken Scampi! Don't ...more
  4. Double Melt Away Steak - This is so simple! With our Double Melt Away Steak, the idea is to season butter and let it flavor your steak as it melts. And when ...more
  5. Apple Crisp for Two - Sometimes, we want to make just enough dessert for only two people, so that we don't have leftovers lying around to eat! This apple ...more
  6. Darling Dinner... On a Budget! - All right, so you want to impress your darling, but you've got a budget to stick to. No problem! This easy dinner is budget-friendly ...more
  7. True Love's Twist - That’s right! We've combined two classic favorites into one deliciously amazing recipe, so everyone wins! Your true love will thank you for ...more
  8. Date Night Cake - Treat your sweetie to a slice of this chocolate cake with strawberries and get ready to be smothered in lots of love! Our Date Night Cake is ...more
  9. Wined and Dined Chicken - Sometimes you want a chicken dish that's a bit fancy-tasting, without all the fancy work and cleanup. Well, this one fits the bill ...more
  10. Easy Beef Wellington - For our Easy Beef Wellington, beef tenderloin steaks are wrapped in convenient frozen puff pastry dough along with a flavor-packed ...more
  11. Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti - We thought maybe you'd like to recreate the famous scene from the movie, where the two dogs come together over a huge ...more
  12. Mouthwatering Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches - This recipe for Mouthwatering Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches is the closest authentic version you ...more
  13. Cupid's Love Pies - Cupid's Love Pies are a great way to share the love with friends and family, especially when they're made with lots of love. Bake these hearts ...more
  14. Woo Him Dinner - Searching for the right recipe to woo him? Here you go! This one is simple, but oh-so-impressive. He won't believe you actually made ...more
  15. Pleasing Potatoes - No matter what you've got planned for a main dish, these Pleasing Potatoes are the perfect go-along. They're filled with so much goodness ...more
  16. Be Mine Dump Cake - How do you get someone to "be yours"? Make them this awe-inspiring dump cake that features one of their favorite cake flavors. Trust ...more
  17. Chicken Marsala for Two - Set the table for a romantic evening with our recipe for Chicken Marsala for Two. This tender and flavor-packed dish is going to ...more
  18. Your Honey's Favorite Meal - There's nothing better than being treated to your favorite meal, so this is one that your hubby will definitely appreciate. He asks for ...more
  19. Tempt Me Truffles - Is there anything as tempting as decadent chocolate truffles? We don't think so! Sweeten up your sweetie with these Tempt Me Truffles ...more
  20. Dressed Up Rice - We "dressed up" this rice recipe to make it taste and look fancy-shmancy. Our Dressed Up Rice recipe is great to make when you've got a ...more
  21. Just Smitten Pork Tenderloin - When you're smitten with someone, you want to do everything possible to make them happy. Well, here's a dish that'll definitely ...more
  22. XOXO Easy-Fancy Italian for Two - When you want to make a good impression, just serve up this simple, yet classic, recipe for XOXO Easy-Fancy Italian for ...more
  23. NEW! Strawberries & Cream Roll Cake - Impress your loved ones with a cake that'll drop some jaws! Our Strawberries & Cream Roll Cake tastes even ...more
  24. Engagement Chicken - This chicken dish is so "engaging" that one bite is all it'll take to fall in love. In fact, our Engagement Chicken is said to be so ...more

    BONUS! Single? Show yourself some love with this dessert for one!
Weekend Winner #1

Instead of going out to eat this weekend, why not whip up something easy and tasty at home? Weekends are a great time to try new dishes, and an even better time for getting the whole family together! Below, we're sharing some winning ideas for you to try:

Weekend Winner #1

Weekend Winner #2

Weekend Winner #3

Weekend Winner #4

Weekend Winner #5

Weekend Winner #6

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