Elon Musk's new endeavor worth 985pct for HZNM?

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The Latest Move Made By Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Could Soon Have Investors In THIS
Unknown Lithium Play
Grabbing A Fast 985% Profit!

Domestic lithium demand is going through the roof! Tesla Motors new Gigafactory being built in the US needs all the lithium it can get its hands on – and little known Horizon Minerals (HZNM) could give it to them!

Act Fast And You Could Watch $2K Blossom Into $19,700... $5K Grow Into $49,250... Or $10K EXPLODE Into A $98,500 Windfall!

Lithium has a history of making people rich.

A few years ago, when Smartphones exploded onto the scene, you couldn't turn your computer on without reading about somebody grabbing quadruple-digit gains on this commodity...

And while some people thought this market was tapped out – they couldn't have been more wrong.

After a few years flying under the radar, 2016 saw a renewed interest in lithium – thanks to the popularity of electric car titan, Tesla Motors...

In fact, last year we saw the entire industry TRIPLE!! This is almost unheard of on Wall Street...

And while we may have missed the very start of lithium's new resurgence – we're early enough in the game that we could still get a chance to make a BOATLOAD of money.

I've recently discovered one of a select few companies that have all the right pieces in play that could soon have us grabbing almost 1,000% profits...

A company that is practically in the backyard of Tesla Motor's next big achievement, a lithium battery manufacturing plant that's come to be called, The Gigafactory.

Enter Horizon Minerals (HZMN).

How Newly Discovered Horizon Minerals (HZNM)
Could Be Among The First To Create The NEXT
Generation Of Lithium Millionaires!!

As I just mentioned, I believe HZNM could be the next lithium company to make investors like you rich.

Their claim to potentially lithium-rich lands is just a short car ride away from Elon Musk's new lithium battery factory – meaning they could be one of the first to receive an order for their ore.

This would be HUGE for HZNM and their shareholders – as right now shares are so affordably priced – that almost any influx in cash could send their value soaring north... and soaring there fast!

And I'm not the only one who believes this to be true...

Equities.com has recently said,

"While it's a small player in a big space right now, it would only take one decent rights agreement with a big name to dramatically increase its revenue prospects and – in turn – its market capitalization."

And we don't have to speculate on who that "big name" would be – seeing as they're so close to the Gigafactory.

One order from them, or any of the other lithium battery manufacturers could be all we need to watch our shares climb towards 985%!

But there's a lot more to the HZNM story...

I'll prove to you in my following special report just how many ways this one stock could have us profiting BIG in 2017.

Select below to go to my HOT new report on Horizon Minerals.

Profits For All,

Shawn Roberts
Editor, The Profit Letter

PS. Lithium new boom is still flying under Wall Street's radar – but that may not be the case for long! To lock in your profits, please consider acting on HZNM as soon as possible. I'm sure once you've seen all the facts, I'm sure you'll believe the same thing I do – that HZNM could be the one stock to make us rich this year!




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