H2 Cape House & more

Shelter / Architecture

H2 Cape House

Located on the French Island of Corsica, the H2 Cape House uses a low profile and natural materials to blend into its Mediterranean setting. A green roof paired with slats of red cedar cladding infuse with … (Read more)

Series / Concept

Senik Fire Extinguisher Concept

Inspired to make a fire extinguisher that would work better for low-income settlements in India, designer Sailee Adhao created the Senik Fire Extinguisher Concept. It improves on traditional safety equipment in several important ways. For one, … (Read more)

Style / Shoes

Cole Haan Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford

Cole Haan's Zerogrand line already had a sneaker-like outsole that flexes with your natural foot movement. The Cole Haan Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford takes the casual comparisons a step farther, replacing the original's leather with a … (Read more)

Shelter / Architecture

Dorman House

Instead of demolishing the existing beach shack, the Dorman House adds a vertical extension to create undisrupted views of the ocean. The original home remains mostly untouched, with the exception of a new bathroom and laundry … (Read more)

Travel / Places

Star Wars Land

Star Wars has had a presence in Disney's parks since the opening of Star Tours at Disneyland in 1987, but nothing compares to what's coming. Simultaneously under construction at both Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney's Hollywood … (Read more)

Tech / Audio & Speakers

WarmTone Record Pressing Machine

The resurgence of vinyl has led to a big problem: no one's built any pressing machines in decades. Until now. The WarmTone Record Pressing Machine is poised to replace the comparatively ancient machines currently hard at … (Read more)

Tech / Misc Gadgets

Brilliant Smart Home Control

Make your light switches do more than just manage illumination with the Brilliant Smart Home Control. Available in models spanning 1-4 switches, each control has a 5-inch touchscreen and Amazon Alexa built-in, letting you control a … (Read more)

Series / Process

Process: Bugatti Chiron

Nestled in the small city of Molsheim, France is the place where one of the most advanced automobiles in the world comes to life. The sequel to the 268 mph Veyron, the Chiron is even more … (Read more)

Tech / Gaming

Toast Wooden Playstation 4 Cover

The PS4 is far more than a game console - with an array of streaming apps and a Bluray player, it can be a key part of a home theater setup. That said, it still looks … (Read more)

Vices / Beer

Modern Times Black House Nitro Stout

An oatmeal coffee stout brewed using Ethiopian Hambela and Sumatran coffee already sounds delicious, but Modern Times have taken that to the next level with the release of Modern Times Black House Nitro Stout. The special … (Read more)

Gear / Everyday Carry

EDC: Fiber

ZT + Dmitry Sinkevich Knife ($225). Kamisafe Pocket Flashlight ($20). Luminox Navy SEAL Watch ($195). Salt Optics Striker Sunglasses ($460). Presented by Zero Tolerance. … (Read more)

Style / Watches

LG Watch Style

Designed in collaboration with Google and one of the first smartwatches to ship with Android Wear 2.0, the LG Watch Style is the latest attempt to make a pure smartwatch that doesn't look like a computer. … (Read more)

Video / TV

Bill Nye Saves The World

Get your beakers, graduated cylinders, Erlenmeyer flasks, and safety googles ready - Bill Nye is back to save the world. In his new show, Bill, his correspondents, and some special guests break down some of the … (Read more)

Tech / TV & Video

Scoop Advance Movie Screenings

Advance screenings are nothing new in Hollywood. In fact, it's not unusual for a movie to be recut or even go through reshoots based on those initial reactions. Scoop Advance Movie Screenings gives you a chance … (Read more)

Gear / Grilling

Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven

Powerful, versatile, and portable, the Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven is a great addition to any backyard cooking station. It's made primarily from 304 stainless steel and offers twice the cooking surface of the previous model, letting … (Read more)

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