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Here's a special replay packed with actionable content, and
I even decided to include the trade ideas for you!
Hi Trader
I tried to let you know about this training last night, because it reveals exactly what most traders are missing when they use normal charts to define their trades!


How To Identify and Profit From
The Market's Next Big Winners, and Avoid The Big Losers!

Unfortunately, life probably got in the way, and YOU MISSED IT.
I know you're still busy, but I also know that this training is worth your time, because nearly 70% of the people who showed up stayed for over an hour AFTER the basic presentation was done so they could be in the Q&A and review their stock ideas with me!
As a result, I've decided to release the replay WITH THE SECOND HALF which includes a review of a lot of stocks that are set up to move up, and with the markets at new highs you don't want to buy the wrong stocks!
Because I included the WHOLE presentation...
The file is big and we'll only have this replay posted for a limited time!
In case need me to jog you memory about what this training was all about, here's how I described what you'd learn when you registered:
  • The best trade setup for simple, and explosive trades - perfect for stocks, ETFs and options. 

  • The 3 conditions you should know about ALL YOUR TRADES to maximize your percentage of winning trades and bank BIGGER profits on each one!

  • How to identify the best pull backs to buy with a high probability to resuming their trend and moving to new high levels, so you can get into big swing trades early with less risk.

  • Which consolidation patterns have the highest probability of following through, so you can consistently and confidently catch explosive moves with amazing timing for trades that yield quick profits.
Even if you only leave the replay with one of those bullets as part of your trading skills the time invested in this replay would be well worth it!
But it gets better...
Below you'll find a list of bullets about the trading concepts that I wanted attendees to learn. Some are complete thoughts, and others are prompts for you to take notes on during the training.
Use It To Take Notes During The Replay
  • Focus on market rotation so that you can see which areas of the market have the best potential as I demonstrate with the rotation from IWM stocks to QQQ stocks this year.

  • If you are only looking at charts that measure absolute price action (i.e. candles, moving averages, etc), then you're only seeing half the picture and you're missing the most important indicator of the true trend.

  • Most traders interpret volume as the text books say you should, and this commonly accepted interpretation of volume is DANGEROUSLY MISLEADING!

  • Volatility is not just how crazy a market is trading. You can use a measure of volatility as a way to identify when as stock is ready to trend, consolidate or even reverse!

  • Always trade the price action, not the indicator.

  • Sometimes letting the market breakout before you enter is a good way to confirm the trend, and then you can buy the retracement with more confidence. BUT NOT ALL RETRACEMENTS ARE EQUAL!

  • Most traders "fail" because they quit before they figure out how to control their risk, and they never really commit to learning one good approach to the market. Don't quit, find an approach to trading that makes sense to you. It's best if it includes a mentor, and focus on making it work for you.

  • What did I do after I blew up my trading account in the early days of my trading? And why do I continue to do this same thing 25 years later even though I’ve never blown up an account again?

I could keep going, but I don't want to ruin all the surprises :)


Let's get your trading to where you want it to be!


Tap here to watch the training replay (before it expires), and in 90 minutes or less you could have a powerful new way to find the best stocks to be trading for big gains with confidence!

Best wishes for your trading,
Geoff Bysshe
P.S. As you'll discover in the replay... the TWO hidden trends in the market that pros follow, and most other traders can't even see, are the secret behind why standard charts and patterns can sabotage your trading success!
But now you can solve this problem, and it's very simple to do!

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