Monte Rosa Hut & more

Shelter / Architecture

Monte Rosa Hut

Inspired by medieval keeps, the Monte Rosa Hut is a multi-story shelter in an isolated mountain setting. Located in the shadow of the Matterhorn, it boasts five floors, with communal areas on the bottom, sleeping areas … (Read more)


Stranger Things / Season 2

This Halloween, Stranger Things is picking things up a year after Will's return, and there's no lack of 80s nostalgia. This 30 second teaser doesn't reveal much, other than Eleven will return and The Upside Down … (Read more)

AwesomeTech & Science


Nearly 7,000 feet beneath the surface of Ontario, Canada, a laboratory is searching for the glue that holds our universe together. SNOLAB uses the earth so shield its instruments from radiation in the search for neutrinos, … (Read more)

Cars / Sports Cars

Dubuc Tomahawk Electric Sports Car

Now that the Tesla Roadster is in temporary retirement, there's a void in the all-electric sports car market. One the Dubuc Tomahawk Electric Sports Car hopes to fill. With a 2+2 layout designed to fit both … (Read more)

Gear / Outdoor

Lunar Lantern

Leave multiple lights at home and let the Lunar Lantern take care of the lighting on your next camping trip. Powered by an integrated 9900mah Li-ion battery, it functions as a tabletop or hanging lantern, a … (Read more)

Vices / Bourbon

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon

The third release in the Whiskey Row series from Old Forester is the best of the bunch. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon pays tribute to a period in American history where the only distilleries licensed … (Read more)

AwesomeDIY & Education

Adam Savage's Custom Nerf Rifle

One very lucky person got a great secret Santa gift this year - a Nerf rifle customized by none other than prop master and DIY wizard Adam Savage. Starting with Nerf's Long Strike rifle, Adam broke … (Read more)


Action Bronson's Garlic Parmesan Wings

Action Bronson wouldn't be caught dead eating those frozen rocks of mystery-meat on game day, and neither should you. So for the biggest game of the season, the rapper/chef shares this slightly more sophisticated recipe for … (Read more)

Tech / Headphones

Blackpods Airpods

The Jet Black iPhone 7 was one of the highlights of Apple's September 2016 media event. So were Airpods. Blackpods Airpods go ahead and do what Apple should have in the first place: mix the two … (Read more)


The Death Of Pablo

Dreamt up by the creator of the 4chan community The Pablo Collective, this four-song experimental album takes Kanye West's The Life of Pablo to an even darker place. Each of the songs are about 20 minutes … (Read more)


Being Batman

Somewhere, in a city in the United States, Batman roams the night. More than just a weekend comic-con cosplay, this is as real as it gets. When this anonymous man dons the Batsuit and climbs in … (Read more)

Shelter / Architecture

Puerto Escondido Concrete House

Nestled among the vegetation of the Oaxacan coastal town, the Puerto Escondido Concrete House makes the most of its modest footprint. The entire structure is formed from concrete, including the walls, gabled roof, floors, lofted sleeping … (Read more)


Danny MacAskill's Santa Cruz 5010 CC Mountain Bike

You're never going to be Danny MacAskill, so having his bike is the closest you're going to get. Here, the trials rider shows the Santa Cruz 5010 CC mountain bike that he used in the Wee … (Read more)

Cars / Sports Cars

BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition

BMW's i8 is already a desirable car. The BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition just makes it a little more so. This limited-edition release trades in the car's traditional paint for a stealthy matte black livery, … (Read more)


Aaron Sorkin and Dialogue

Aaron Sorkin's screenplay for the 2010 film The Social Network is the writer at his best. Building on his reputation for quick, witty dialogue and non-linear story structure first seen in The West Wing, Sorkin and … (Read more)

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